Small group playing BlueStarOpoly


Man waving arms to his side playing Count To Six

Count To Six

Two people moving as part of Active Intros

Active Intros

Man chasing woman as part of Water World game

Water World

Hand drawing a word in air as played in Air Names

Air Names

Gallery view of Zoom video thumbnails of group playing Look Left

Look Left

Man speaking in code as The Psychiatrist

The Psychiatrist

Girl running from group saying I need a shoelace

Need A Shoelace

Small group playing Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Group of people clapping their hands as attention-getting tips of Copy Claps energiser

Attention-Getting Tips

Group of people line-up ideas

101 Line-Up Ideas

Cay on Yer Head large group energiser

Cat On Yer Head

Four people moving about an area with one person saying Stop as part of energiser Walk & Stop

Walk & Stop

Group of people playing Around The World in pairs

Around The World

Four people standing in a line following instruction in an energiser game called Bobsled Teams, perfect for team-building games for students

Bobsled Teams

Woman clapping her hands above her head in game of One-Two-Three


Two people shaking hands thinking of different number, as seen in Physic Handshake ice-breaker and random group-splitting exercise

Psychic Handshake

Three people using right hand to salute, as part of Shipwreck energiser game


Group of people with left arms in the air, playing Simon Says Stretch

Simon Says Stretch

Woman acting like a monkey say Top Monkey in talk bubble

Top Monkey

Two people excited to greet one another in energiser called Train Station Greetings game

Train Station Greetings

Four people playing a quick tag and PE game of Triangle Tag

Triangle Tag

Three people singing the sound of their names in Vowel Orchestra

Vowel Orchestra

Man winking at another person in group, as seen in fun large group game of Wink Murder

Wink Murder