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    playmeo is THE best activity resource available anywhere - the activities & videos are so valuable.

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    Many icebreakers fall short, but playmeo's are super-reliable - it's my go-to activity spot.

    Dave, youth minister, USA

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    Thanks to playmeo, I now have 20 activity books that are sitting on my shelf collecting dust.

    Seth, camp leader, USA

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    It's an extraordinary tool – the knowledge, ideas & easy-to-use platform make it incredible value.

    Ellie, team manager, Australia

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    playmeo has excellent customer service, too. I wasn't expecting this level of care & attention.

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    playmeo is my go-to resource for leading team-building activities.

    Will, adventure programmer, USA

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    What an amazing resource the playmeo database is - I couldn't recommend it any higher.

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    playmeo is an amazing resource and gave us lots of ideas.

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