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about playmeo displayed on laptop screenWe love working with motivated leaders who are responsible for the well-being of others because, like us, they know that strong relationships amplify the results of whatever they are trying to get done.

If this sounds like you, and you love using fun group games, you’ve come to the right place.


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  • 530+ group games & activities including ice-breakers, energisers, trust exercises & teambuilding activities
  • More than 40K members & users access our online resources every month
  • Our 360+ video tutorials have attracted 12+ million views on our YouTube channel
  • We regularly produce content for 59K+ YouTube subscribers

Over the course of his 32+ year career, playmeo’s founding director Mark Collard has delivered 2,000+ training days for 100,000+ people in 11 countries and written 5 best-selling books.


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We Make Interacting & Learning Fun


Every idea starts with a problem and ours was clear: we all long for social connectedness but need to be convinced that interacting with others is not going to threaten or embarrass us.

This is where fun can weave its magic.

You see, when there’s no fun, we all find it difficult to engage, and when there’s no trust, we pull back from participating.

At playmeo, we believe everyone has the right to feel valued and that they belong.

We are passionate about the use of fun group games & activities to facilitate this process because they are a powerful (and thankfully, attractive) way to help people interact, build trust and connect more meaningfully with others.

Everything we do is designed to inspire, equip and empower you to use interactive group games & activities to help your groups connect.

Our programs and resources are etched from an intimate understanding of how hard it is to lead a group sometimes – from the unwilling participant to unproductive teams and always being expected to produce more with less (time, money, resources, etc.)

Our elite team of contributors – many of them best-selling authors and expert practitioners in their own right – have been there, done that, and share what they have found that works.


How Can We Help You?


Our training workshops and resources – both online and in-person – will help you to:

  • Engage your students & staff more effectively in their work and play;
  • Build strong and productive teams where people feel valued; and
  • Become a seriously fun teacher, trainer or group facilitator.

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The Difference We Make


There are no shortage of books, websites, videos and training practitioners who will teach you dozens, if not hundreds, of fun games and activities. And this is fine. Very few, if any, however, will help you learn the skills and strategies to understand how to leverage these activities – together with critical group facilitation skills – that make a difference.

Today, with school and corporate budgets under constant pressure to squeeze as much value from every dollar, every program has to justify its existence. Having fun just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Don’t get me wrong – fun is fundamentally related to your ability to engage a group and invite them to step outside their comfort zone – but it’s not often enough to make a difference.

All of playmeo’s resources feature a powerful approach to education and recreation, where well-being is the central character and fun is its most potent weapon. This approach is best known for its ability to engage people, connect them, strengthen relationships, develop team skills, etc.

Imbued with an experiential-based learning methodology, our resources are designed to help you learn the skills and strategies you need to make a difference in the lives and performance of the groups you work with.

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