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About playmeo

At a Glance

playmeo is an innovative online platform of resources that will teach you how to lead remarkably fun programs that help people interact, share and connect.

We are best known for our ever-expanding online database of group games & activities, used by thousands of experiential educators, teachers and camp leaders all over the world, every day.


Why we do What we do

We believe that fun group games and activities are one of the most powerful (and attractive) ways to help people connect, and strong relationships amplify the results of whatever you’re trying to get done.

Indeed, plenty of research and science now proves this to be true.

To this end, we developed the world’s largest online database of group games & activities and offer a variety of professional development resources to help people (like you) create remarkably fun programs that make a difference.

Our free ebook shares a glimpse of this approach, and we hope you enjoy it.

We work best with people who are looking for guidance to help them leverage group games & activities in their programs or are looking for new ideas to engage their participants, strengthen relationships or simply have fun.

Our specific niche is group leaders who are responsible for the well-being of others.

That said, we help thousands of classroom & PE teachers, experiential educators, camp leaders, corporate trainers, outdoor educators, conference organisers and youth leaders in 165 countries around the world.

playmeo offers a wide variety of useful resources, including:


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A Short History

Founded in 2012, playmeo was created by one of the world’s most respected and qualified experiential trainers Mark Collard.

A best-selling author, sought-after speaker and passionate advocate of fun and play, Mark had two keen desires, to:

  • Share as much as he knew about what worked to help groups have fun, be productive and develop healthy relationships; and
  • Leverage the internet to answer the question most frequently asked by his program participants:


“How did you make it look so easy to create such a fun & engaging program?”


Mark turned his back on a successful corporate career when he was retrenched from a management consulting job in 1989. This sparked a yearning he had suppressed for many years – while volunteering and working as a youth group and summer camp leader – to deliver fun, experiential programs which positively impacted people’s lives.

You see, looking back, Mark recalls an extraordinary leadership program in which he participated as a teenager that literally changed his life – and knew that one day, he would want to ‘pay it forward.’

That day turned into a life-long passion.


Our Point of Difference

The difference about playmeo and its resources is captured in four words – more than just fun.

There are no shortage of books, websites, videos and training practitioners who will teach you dozens, if not hundreds, of fun games and activities. And this is fine. Very few, if any, however, will help you learn the skills and strategies to understand how to leverage these activities – together with critical facilitation skills – that make a difference.

Today, with school and corporate budgets under constant pressure to squeeze as much value from every dollar, every program has to justify its existence. Having fun just doesn’t cut it anymore. Don’t get me wrong – fun is fundamentally related to your ability to engage a group and invite them to step outside their comfort zone – but it’s not often enough to make a difference.

All of playmeo’s resources feature a powerful approach to education and recreation, where fun is its most potent weapon. This approach is best known for its ability to engage people, connect them, strengthen relationships, develop team-skills, etc. Imbued with an experiential-based learning methodology, our resources are designed to help you learn the skills and strategies you need to make a difference in the lives and performance of the groups you work with.

Our resources are etched from an intimate understanding of how hard it is to lead a group sometimes – from the unwilling participant to unproductive teams and always being expected to produce more with less (time, money, resources, etc.) Our elite team of contributors – many of them best-selling authors and expert practitioners in their own right – have been there, done that, and share what they have found that works.

Take a look at the testimonials at the bottom of this page, or here, to read more about playmeo and how we make a difference.


playmeo – Does it mean anything?

No, not really.

It was one of a series of nonsensical words Mark considered when he was looking for a name for his new online platform of resources. It had to be less than 10 characters long (it is seven) to form a short domain name, and it had to include or feature the word ‘play.’ playmeo was available.

For a while, the seven letters of playmeo were captured in an acronym (which was soon forgotten) – but it still didn’t mean anything.


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Karl, author & adventure programmer, USA

I use playmeo almost every time I lead a program - it's perfect when I'm on the go & need new activity ideas.

Ryan, group facilitator, USA

playmeo is an extraordinary tool – the amount of knowledge & experience shared, combined with an easy-to-use platform makes it such incredible value.

Ellie, team manager, Australia

When I use playmeo, the result is always the same - engagement, fun & uncontrollable laughter!

Sean, HPE & Sport Coordinator, Australia

I love the organization of playmeo’s activities, it's easy to find exactly what I'm looking for.

Jill, camp leader, USA

Going with the premium plan has unlocked hundreds of activities & ideas that I'll use for the rest of my career.

Chad, training facilitator, USA

playmeo is THE BEST activity resource available anywhere - the materials & videos are incredibly valuable. I'm so grateful I found it.

Brooklyn, corporate trainer, USA

I was going attend a course about training games, but then I discovered playmeo - I saved so much money & can access these materials 24/7.

Rashid, corporate trainer, Oman

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