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Counterintuitive Feedback Question

As a young student, I did okay at school. I regularly scored well on tests and the like and would come home with excellent reports….

Seeking counterintuitive peer feedback. Photo Tim Gouw

Counterintuitive Feedback Question

As a young student, I did okay at school. I regularly scored well on tests and the like and would come home with excellent reports….

Host increase engagement with virtual meeting

How To Increase Engagement with Virtual Audiences

The number one thing most teachers and trainers tell me when we discuss their most pressing problems is how difficult it is to engage their…

Buzz words of blah inside talkee bubble

How to Avoid Buzz Word Answers

It is so easy to tell when a group is tired and jaded of the typical form-a-circle-and-answer-a-few-questions debrief strategy. (Ugh, I think I was bored…

teacher speaking to students coming back to school

What Students Need Coming Back to School

Students in the southern hemisphere have started coming back to school in what will be their third year impacted by the COVID19 pandemic. After a…

Teacher getting students ready to learn

Are You Ready to Learn?

If you have followed my work for a while now, you will know that there are a handful of really – I mean, really –…

Ten pin bowling lane representing analogy of facipulation


This is an article about what happens when you cross facilitation with manipulation. It may sound like a joke, but it’s not – it’s what…

Transfer learning in the Real world sign

How to Transfer Learning to the Real World

My nine-year-old son likes to mimic one of his favourite cartoon characters Bluey when he says “In real life?” to respond to something I have…

Ants climbing a leaf showing that politicis lives downstream from culture

Politics Lives Downstream from Culture

I am fortunate to be a part of a wonderful Mastermind Group that meets fortnightly (via Zoom) and shares a deep well of wisdom regularly…

physical-distancing adults elbow tapping

How To Do Physical Distancing?

Slowly but surely, groups are gathering again face-to-face after many months of being apart because of the COVID19 pandemic. Students are returning to classrooms and…

Connecting students in school hallway

Connecting Students When They Come Back to School

The northern hemisphere is waking up and students are returning to the classroom. In most places, this will be face-to-face, while in others, the practice…

Man presenting webinar to improve online delivery

4 Quick Tips to Improve Online Delivery

Do you present or lead sessions online? Do you have 2 minutes to digest four quick tips to help you ramp up the engagement of…

Set of essential tools. Credit Julie Molliver

5 Essential Tools To Help Groups Thrive

“A tradesman is only as good as their tools.” – author unknown A carpenter looks at a piece of lumber and can see a finely…

Dog with Thank You card knowing how to give positive feedback

How To Give Positive Feedback

There is a lot of literature out there that describes how to give positive feedback to others. But, I just learned something about this process…

Mark leading the Trust Fall or Fall from Height group initiative

Trust Fall or Fall from Height?

One of the most vivid memories that many participants of a challenge ropes course report are their experiences with the Trust Fall activity. The Trust…

Debriefing Skills video tutorial video thumbnail

Reflection & Debriefing Skills – Four Part Tutorial

Four of the most popular episodes of our recent Facilitator Tips video tutorial series were dedicated to the Why, What, When and How of reflection…

Tiny plant in bottle, to grow as a facilitator

How Do You Grow As a Facilitator?

My friends at High 5 Adventure Learning Center (USA) published an article last year that focused on how we fuel our growth as facilitators of…

PLaying group games online with Zoom. Credit Charles Deluvio

7 Do’s & Don’ts When Playing Group Games Online

These past 10 months have been fascinating in so many ways, and none more powerful than honing my craft of presenting group games & activities…

Emojis wearing face masks in a COVID19 normal world

5 Programming Lessons in a COVID19 Normal World

For most of 2020, I have focused on designing and delivering a bunch of virtual presentations, from highly interactive fun & games to highly polished…

Social distance sign requesting people to keep physical-distancing

How To Adapt Activities for Physical-Distancing Rules

There have been two primary waves of enquiries since the current health pandemic rocked the world. The first and most urgent was focused on “How…

Start here with man walking on journey considering a debriefing tip. Credit Joshua Ness

Debriefing Tip – Begin With The End In Mind

There are some, even within the experiential & adventure education community, who doubt that most of what we call debriefing or reflection is effective for…

Hands on laptop engaged in online discussions. Credit Sergey Zolkin

6 Tips for Making Online Discussions Effective

This month, it is believed that close to half of all students in the United States will resume their schooling from a remote, home-based learning…

HUM ebook by Jacinta Cubis sharing tell-tale signs your online meetings need help

10 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Online Meetings Need Help

A fellow facilitator, Jacinta Cubis, has just finished an e-book about the top tell-tale signs that your online meetings need help and – importantly –…

Student wishing their teacher coudl make online learning videos effective

5 Tips To Make Online Learning Videos Effective

In these times of the current pandemic, the world has rushed to embrace online platforms to engage their audiences and deliver content. As a result,…

Team-building games on communication. Photo Aolodymyr Hryshchenko

Team Building Activities on Communication at Work

There is nothing in this world in which we do not communicate. It is also true that we could all learn to communicate more effectively….

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