HUM ebook by Jacinta Cubis sharing tell-tale signs your online meetings need help

10 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Online Meetings Need Help

A fellow facilitator, Jacinta Cubis, has just finished an e-book about the top tell-tale signs that your online meetings need help and – importantly –…

Student wishing their teacher coudl make online learning videos effective

5 Tips To Make Online Learning Videos Effective

In these times of the current pandemic, the world has rushed to embrace online platforms to engage their audiences and deliver content. As a result,…

Team-building games on communication. Photo Aolodymyr Hryshchenko

Team Building Activities on Communication at Work

There is nothing in this world in which we do not communicate. It is also true that we could all learn to communicate more effectively….

Wooden toy blocks offering inclusive language

Two Little Words To Help You Embrace More Inclusive Language

Have you ever felt that something you said, no matter how ‘correct’ you may have been, was not received very kindly by the people who…

Draw a blank with cat stuck in bird feeder. Credit Taomas Tuma

Five Strategies To Help You When You Draw A Blank

Here is what my planning process for facilitating a group often looks like: I do an initial planning session, feeling great. I know my content,…

Reluctant audience. Photo Unsplash

How To Deal With A Reluctant Audience

A reluctant audience is possibly one of the greatest fears of group facilitators. Groups can be reluctant or unwilling for lots of reasons, such as…

Student speaking about student-driven learning

Student-Driven Learning That Works

To usher in the new year, I’m excited to share a short (3 minute) video with you that features a unique school in Australia that…

To meet resistance with NO. Credit: Jon Tyson

If You Meet Resistance, Stop Pushing

The advice seemed so obvious, I was caught off-guard by its simplicity. I was part of a conference workshop in which everyone in the room…

Children in tobaggans involving risky play. Credit Jesse Orrico

Risky Play

When does play cross a threshold and become too risky? Do you encounter this question in your programs? Should young people be exposed to it?…

Isolated man on snow with curiosity deficit. Credit Emile Seguin

A Curiosity Deficit?

I’m picking up on recent correspondence from my good friends Will and Chad from We and Me! In their email, they raised a phenomenon called…

Watering plants doing work that matters. Credit Markus Spiske

People Who Care To Do Work That Matters

I have come to realise that one of the most powerful attributes that attracts me to others is not their looks, their income, their job…

Choice to connect with two conference delegates. Credit Product School

Giving People A Choice To Connect

Colleague and expert group facilitator Chad Littlefield shared a video recently in which he presented the idea that we need to give people the choice…

Man getting his nature pill in forest. Credit Connor McSheffrey

The Nature Pill

No matter how healthy you are, there’s one pill I recommend that you take, every day. The nature pill. This week we welcome David Bott…

How to connect with others, heart painted on hands. Credit Tim Marshall

Empathy Leads to Connection which Leads to Trust

There are only two blogs I faithfully read every day when they are posted, and one of them is written by Seth Godin. This particular…

Aristotle's Cafe, benefits of emotional intelligence

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence – Insights from a Community Engagement Expert

If facilitation skills were considered a superpower, emotional intelligence would be the secret sauce! Hassan Ghiassi knows the amazing benefits of emotional intelligence. He has…

Mess of creativity, paint splattered everywhere. Credit Ricardo Viana

The Mess of Creativity

Have you noticed that creativity can be messy sometimes? Does this mess of creativity cause you to be frustrated? This week, Dr Amy Climer shares…

Connect first over coffee. Credit Joshua Ness

Connect First Then Seek Understanding

A playmeo enthusiast, who works as a social justice educator, reached out to me to describe how one of my recent Facilitator Tips video tutorials…

How to give effective feedback. Credit Jon Tyson

How To Give Effective Feedback

Feedback is a wonderful tool that can help an individual or group grow, learn or develop a particular skill or insight. Yet, much like the…

Teacher student relationships at school are important. Credit Jerry Wang

The Power of Relationships at School

Here’s a short video produced by the good folk at Edutopia that explores the powerful benefits of developing and nurturing strong & healthy relationships at…

Surfer flipping off board trying to learn from experience. Credit Debora Cardenas

The Only Way to Learn from Experience…

Seth Godin wrote in a recent blog post that ‘…the only way to learn from experience is to have different experiences.’ This same notion could be…

YouTube home subscribe to playmeo YouTube Channel. Credit Christian Wiediger

Subscribe to YouTube Channel

Subscribe to the playmeo YouTube Channel and automatically receive updates on dozens of free video and leadership tutorials that are hosted on the biggest online collection…

Frog in hand overview of experiential education

Research-Based Overview of Experiential Education

I subscribe to a select number of blogs related to education, and this recent article from Teaching Matters struck a chord. Anecdotally, I have always…

Students together building positive school culture.

How to Build a Positive School Culture

playmeo is seriously committed to building connections because we know that this work helps to amplify whatever we’re trying to get done. In the spirit of connecting,…

Two girls practising their friendship skills

Teaching Friendship Skills

This week’s post comes to you from guest blogger Dana Kerford from URSTRONG, an internationally-recognised social-emotional wellbeing program for kids. Dana and I met at a…

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