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Two boys playing soccer portraying six simple principles of play

Six Simple Principles of Play

I’m excited to share a wonderful framework, developed by Playworks, to help you create fun, free and totally inclusive moments of play with your groups….

Coffee cups of character strengths. Photo: Nathan Dumlao

What Are Your Character Strengths?

In the early 2000s, scientists began to study character. A three-year project involving dozens of distinguished scientists devoted to studying character traits throughout history was launched….

mosaic of line drawings questions interesting people ask

9 Questions Interesting People Ask

A friend once said to me that she had noticed the most interesting people she knew were people who asked good questions. This got me…

Ask Powerful Questions Openness element, as seen in WiLL WiSE's new book

Asking Powerful Questions

What if powerful questions came to you easily in the moment during your debriefs or reflection times? Will Wise and Chad Littlefield have facilitated workshops,…

the PE Geek interview Mark Collard

The PE Geek Interviews Mark Collard

Learn more about the power and value of developing authentic connections and relationships with participants, in this fun podcast interview hosted by Mr PE Geek,…

AEE August Webinar Serious Fun with Mark Collard. Photo credit Simon Abrams

AEE Webinar: August

SERIOUS FUN: How to Create Remarkably Fun Experiential Programs that Make a Difference Can you answer “YES” to any of these questions? Have you ever…

Benefits of play reflected in image of group of children. Have we under-estimated the value of play. playing: Photo credit: Jennifer Benoit

Valuing the Benefits of Play

There’s a wonderful organisation called Playworks that believes recess (you know, that free time during school hours students spend out of the classroom?) should be…

Sheet ice asking how to break the ice or what is an ice-breaker. Photo credit: Marcus Lofvenberg

How To Break The Ice

As already shared, I’m excited to be keynoting at the forthcoming APPEC in Hong Kong, 12-13 November 2016. I always have so much to share,…

Boys playing outside. Photo credit: Robert Collins

The Benefits of Playing Outside

Here’s a must-view short film that is not only beautiful to watch, but offers a message too important to miss. Click to watch: Muddy Puddles…

Boy shooting arrow as reflecting the power of experiential learning. Photo credit: Annie Spratt

The Power of Experiential Learning

Ever wanted a glimpse into what is possible at school? Read this article from Education Week newspaper. The author, Jonathan Lash, provides a wonderful illustration…

Boy with amazed look on his face pondering The World Needs You. Photo credit: Ben White

At What Point In Your Life…?

My good friend and fellow experiential educator Tom Heck presented a TED Talk recently, and in it, he quoted a colleague of his asking one…

Moon at night asking what is possible. Photo credit: Angelina Litvin

What Is Possible?

For some time now, I have framed the start of many of my programs with an activity I call Rope House. Not only is it wonderfully…

Work hard neon sign reflecting all work and no play motto. Photo credit: Jordan Whitfield

All Work & No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

Here’s a link to a Radio National interview conducted recently which explored the value and enormous benefits of integrating ‘play’ into the lives of adults in…

School girl writing at desk, reflecting different learning styles. Photo credit: Pan Xioazhen

Debriefing via Learning Styles

It is no secret that we all learn in different ways.  Wouldn’t it also make sense that we process experiences in different ways as well?…

Wrong Way Go Back sign to reflect that team-building is crap. Photo credit: Neonbrand

Team-Building is Crap

I spend a few minutes each day contributing to various educational blogs and social media platforms. In one post on TeachThought, a program provider from…

Girl swinging hula-hoop, as ideal summer professional development for teachers. Photo credit: Patricia Prudente

Become A Better Teacher – Play!

I’m a regular browser of Edutopia. Today, I came across a wonderful article which captured the essence of Dr Stuart Brown’s book ‘Play.’ I have…

TED Talk from Kyle Bryant headhsot

Inspiring TED Talk from Kyle Bryant

This TEDx Talk is super brilliant. It is moving, inspirational and above all, demonstrates several lessons – it’s not always about ‘me,’ there is enormous power in…

how to spread a good idea

How To Spread A Good Idea

I delivered a unique session as part of the Victorian Applied Learning Association’s annual conference last week, which was hosted under the theme of ‘Are…

Live Your List podcast show

Live Your List Podcast

Like the fuel you add to your car, I am very clear that what we add to our minds will significantly influence our performance. Psychologist Archibald…

Choices define us in the directions we take in our lives

Our Choices Define Us

Anyone who follows this blog will know that I’m a big fan of Seth Godin. He just gets it right, never a word wasted. Today,…

Boy playing with autumn leaves because play is making a comeback. Photo credit: Justin Young

Why play is making a comeback

I recently stumbled across this post, describing why play is making a comeback, which was first published on PBS in the United States: Click here –>…