Know Your Why

Many of you will be familiar with the work of Simon Sinek, leadership expert and TED Speaker.

Indeed, it was his phenomenal TED Talk How Great Leaders Inspire Action (with a mere 60+ million views) that turned me onto him, something I have referenced a lot in my own workshops when I have worked with groups that want to explore their Why.

In any case, whether you are a coach, a teacher or are simply looking for an answer to this question for yourself – take a look at this video by comedian Michael Jr called Know Your Why (the video was referred to me by playmeo member Felicity Walter, with thanks.)


Why v What


There’s a big difference between What and Why.

In this video, you will note that the audience member was very clear the first time about what he was doing. The second time, he knew why he was doing it. I think we can all agree that the difference between the two outcomes was very significant.

As Michael says, when you know your Why, your What becomes more impactful because you are walking in or toward your purpose.

And isn’t this what we want for all of our groups?

If you deliver programs that invite people to explore their values, or mission or quite simply, their Why – you may consider embedding this short 4-minute video in your presentation. Worth every minute.


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