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Get ten of our most successful interactive group games & activities, all of which have been drawn from playmeo’s online activity database including activity instruction videos.

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Our YouTube channel features hundreds of activity & tutorial videos to help you understand exactly what an activity looks like, sounds like and feels like with real groups.

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We understand that what matters most to you is how we can help you improve the things you really care about. Having fun, engaging your groups, inviting interaction, building connections, making a difference and so on.

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  • Headshot of Brooklyn, corporate trainer, was looking for the best activity resource

    playmeo is THE best activity resource available anywhere - the activities & videos are so valuable.

    Brooklyn, corporate trainer, USA

  • Headshot of Karl Rohnke tribute author of Silver Bullets, playmeo contributor

    Note to all adventure facilitators - you need to join playmeo.

    Karl, author & adventure programmer, USA

  • Micah DeLong headshot

    playmeo has breathed new life into our programming. Thank you for this great resource.

    Micah, group facilitator, USA

  • Jo Blannin headshot

    I use playmeo whenever I have groups of adults or children that I want to work together.

    Jo Blannin, educator, Australia

  • Nate Folan headshot

    As a member, I love that I can quickly access 100s of activities on my phone, anywhere.

    Nate, experiential trainer, USA

  • Headshot of Sean de Morton, reborn PE teacher who uses playmeo's resources to produce engagement with his students

    I’ve been using playmeo for 6 years now - it's been like being re-born as a PE teacher.

    Sean, pe teacher, Australia

  • Headshot of Seth Houser, recommends playmeo because he has replaced his activity books with playmeo subscription,

    Thanks to playmeo, I now have 20 activity books that are sitting on my shelf collecting dust.

    Seth, camp leader, USA

  • Headshot of Simone Garrett, who is having fun as a playmeo subscriber

    A large part of swim teaching is having FUN - something which playmeo does so well. Love it.

    Simone, swim instructor, Australia

  • Headshot of Will Ratcliffe, who is leading team-building activities using playmeo

    playmeo is my go-to resource for leading team-building activities.

    Will, adventure programmer, USA

  • Headshot of Ellie, team manager, thinks playmeo is an extraordinary tool

    It's an extraordinary tool – the knowledge, ideas & easy-to-use platform make it incredible value.

    Ellie, team manager, Australia

  • Headshot of Chad, group facilitator, wanted to improve leadership skills and use hundreds of activities

    Since discovering playmeo, my facilitation has improved ten fold. It's that simple.

    Chad, group facilitator, USA

  • Headshot of Dave, youth minister, who says playmeo is is go-to activity spot

    Many icebreakers fall short, but playmeo's are super-reliable - it's my go-to activity spot.

    Dave, youth minister, USA

  • Headshot of Gisela, trainer, says the playmeo is a complete activity website

    playmeo is THE most creative & complete activity website - it's absolutely amazing!

    Gisela, trainer, Dominican Republic

  • Headshot of Rod Lee, says he loves watching activity training videos and connecting groups

    We! Connect Cards are an excellent resource for connecting groups at the beginning of any team-building program.

    Rod, corporate trainer, USA

  • Headshot of Steve Woods, who loves fun activities

    My groups think I’m amazing at fun activities - it's because playmeo is behind everything I do!

    Steve, support worker, Hong Kong