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Team building activities for teenagers at the skatepark. Credit Parker Gibbons

Cool Team Building Activities for Teenagers

In response to many requests for activity ideas for specific populations, this article is all about cool team building activities for teenagers. Interactive group games…

Helium balloons on ceiling casting mindfulness. Credit Edi Goldstein

Helium Stick & Mindfulness

Many of you will be familiar with the classic group initiative Helium Stick. It’s one of those deceptively simple tasks that it actually very difficult…

Heart-shaped lantern expressing personal strengths Credit Cathal Mac

What Is My Special Sauce?

To follow on from last week’s post, this week’s Facilitator Tips episode reveals a list of personal strengths which have helped shape my 30+ year…

Teachers holding flag working to set behavioural norms

Fun Activity To Set Behavioural Norms

There is an activity called ‘Crossing the Mall’ which is based on the group exercise Elevator Air. It’s pretty simple, really, but the outcomes can…

How to do online meetings well with Zoom

How To Do Online Meetings Well

Online conferencing and virtual meetings are exploding all over the world, and most of us are relative novices in this realm. Consequently, if my most…