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Have You Ever: Switch Seats with Empathy

Kudos to the High 5 Adventure Learning team for sharing a wonderfully inclusive version of the classic Have You Ever? game in their latest newsletter….

Switch Seats in action with High 5 Adventure Learning staff

Have You Ever: Switch Seats with Empathy

Kudos to the High 5 Adventure Learning team for sharing a wonderfully inclusive version of the classic Have You Ever? game in their latest newsletter….

Ants climbing a leaf showing that politicis lives downstream from culture

Politics Lives Downstream from Culture

I am fortunate to be a part of a wonderful Mastermind Group that meets fortnightly (via Zoom) and shares a deep well of wisdom regularly…

Twelve Bit - one of the latest activity uploads

Have You Seen Our Latest Activity Uploads?

September was a very busy month here at playmeo, slowly inching closer to our goal of breaking through the 500+ activity threshold before the end…

Power of fun with kids flying cardboard aeroplane

The Power of Fun Is In The Trying

I love it when someone shares a story that illustrates the difference they are making in this world, especially when I may have inspired it…

physical-distancing adults elbow tapping

How To Do Physical Distancing?

Slowly but surely, groups are gathering again face-to-face after many months of being apart because of the COVID19 pandemic. Students are returning to classrooms and…

Mohawk Ironworker Walk on construction site

What’s In A Name: The Mohawk Ironworkers Walk

A key attribute of every activity featured in playmeo’s online database is the source of the idea. Sometimes this is very easy, other times, not…

Learning at the edge Podcast

Podcast: Learning at the Edge

If you love digesting podcast episodes, I invite you to dive into the latest Learning at the Edge episode from our friends at the Institute…

Dr Juliana Mosley TED Talk

4 Inspiring TED Talks to Welcome the New School Year

I’ve been an avid watcher of TED Talks for many years. I treat them like tiny morsels of nutrition to feed and inspire my day…

Axious teacher wondering where to start

Feeling Overwhelmed & Don’t Know Where to Start?

A familiar lament of many teachers at the start of a new school year was echoed by a member today seeking help: I want to…

Dial with Value Added Membership Fees for playmeo

New Value-Added Membership Fees

playmeo’s membership fees have not changed in almost 6 years, and yet, in that time we have added a ton of extra value for our…

Smiling students esxcited about activities to develop SEL skills

Leading Adventure Activities To Develop SEL Skills

It has always been possible to integrate a wide variety of experiential and adventure-based activities to develop and nourish the social-emotional learning (SEL) skills of…

Connecting students in school hallway

Connecting Students When They Come Back to School

The northern hemisphere is waking up and students are returning to the classroom. In most places, this will be face-to-face, while in others, the practice…

Feeling good about One percent for the planet

Feeling Good About Doing Good

playmeo is excited to announce that we have joined the 1% for the Planet network. In short, this means that we have pledged to donate…

Speaking to large groups seated in tight space

What To Do with Large Groups In Tight Spaces?

I’ve just come off a lengthy Zoom call with a playmeo member who was seeking help with a familiar question: What activities work with very…

new health & wellness activities

New Health & Wellness Activities To Try

With each passing week, playmeo has been busy uploading many new activities, particularly those with a health & wellness and SEL (social-emotional learning) focus. If…

Woman attending Facilitating Experiential Learning Online workshop

How To Bring Experiential Learning Online

Bringing Experiential Learning Online is Easier than you Think   We’ve lived with the global pandemic and remote work for more than a year now….

Man presenting webinar to improve online delivery

4 Quick Tips to Improve Online Delivery

Do you present or lead sessions online? Do you have 2 minutes to digest four quick tips to help you ramp up the engagement of…

Illustration of One-Line Electric Fence, one of our activity uploads

Latest Activity Uploads

playmeo was busy sharing a bunch of new group games & activities last month. In case you missed them, I want to tell you about…

Promoting psychological safety. Credit Liz & Mollie

Creating Psychological Safety: Free Webinar

In 2012, Google did extensive research to identify and evaluate the key factors that make great teams successful. Based on the findings of Project Aristotle,…

Kolb Educator Role Profile

What’s the Difference Between a Trainer & Facilitator?

Do you describe yourself as a facilitator, trainer, coach, educator, something else? We’ve seen many experiential educators have a difficult time defining themselves, their role,…

LEGO bricks in a pile

The Power of LEGO Bricks

In today’s Learning Pod session, a small group of playmeo members turned up to connect, share and lean into a bunch of exciting programming questions….

Sequencing planning board

How Do I Sequence My Activities?

A playmeo member recently asked: I’m creating a team building program for summer camp. I understand how to run each activity but I don’t know…

group games with no video icon

12 Virtual Group Games with No Video

For many of us, adapting our existing programs during the pandemic to suit a virtual audience has been a challenge. Worse, when the group we…

activity uploads for may 2021 featuring Mirror Neurons

Top Activity Uploads for May 2021

There have been a bunch of new activities uploaded to playmeo’s online activity database this past month. Here are two that I think you and…