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Struck or Stuck?

Need a really simple reflection question? Try this quick, easy and surprisingly insightful technique that will invite reflection at the end of your group’s learning…

Struck or stuck emotion of baby

Struck or Stuck?

Need a really simple reflection question? Try this quick, easy and surprisingly insightful technique that will invite reflection at the end of your group’s learning…

Better off or worse off sign posts shutterstock_1891460809

Are You Better Off?

Australia has just experienced a seismic shift in our political landscape as a result of last month’s federal election. Don’t worry – this article is…

Organisational change of giraffe into elephant

8 Activity Ideas that Explore Organisational Change

Most weeks, a lot of my time is spent corresponding and/or chatting with playmeo members all over the world helping them solve problems and search…

Grumpy woman asking why are we playing games

Why Are We Playing Games?

If you use group games and activities to help people connect, I’m sure that some version of the question – Why are we playing games?…

experiential learning theory word mash-up

Come Learn Experiential Learning with Me

Ready to take your experiential design and delivery skills to the next level and gain confidence in ALL areas of experiential learning? If that’s a…

Seeking counterintuitive peer feedback. Photo Tim Gouw

Counterintuitive Feedback Question

As a young student, I did okay at school. I regularly scored well on tests and the like and would come home with excellent reports….

Host increase engagement with virtual meeting

How To Increase Engagement with Virtual Audiences

The number one thing most teachers and trainers tell me when we discuss their most pressing problems is how difficult it is to engage their…

Pizza & PE podcast logo

Pizza & PE

One of the most basic no-no’s of any program delivery, especially online, is to eat a meal while presenting. It can be messy, some may…

Woman using attention-getting device

7 Attention-Getting Ideas Without Raising Your Voice

One of the first things I learned about working with groups, especially large groups outdoors, was the need to look after my voice. Simply raising…

Man convincing another man about case studies

Do You Have Any Case Studies That Showcase Your Work?

A colleague asked me this week: What do you do when a client asks you to share case studies to verify the effectiveness of your…

Live chat icon illustration

Live Chat – Beta Testing Started

I don’t know about you, but when I’m browsing a website I am more inclined to click the live chat widget (to speak directly with…

New Release of activity ideas sign

New Group Activity Ideas

We are always so excited to share the latest and greatest activity ideas with our members and users as soon as we upload them. Yet,…

Leaning Tower of Feetza competition

The 2022 Leaning Tower of Feetza Contest

Just how high can you stack a bunch of shoes on top of each other? This is the question our annual Leaning Tower of Feetza…

Black chess piece with white chess pieces seeking support

How Do I Get The Support of Those In Charge?

This is such a common question, I’m surprised I have not thought to share this earlier: “How can I enrol in others in the benefits…

Buzz words of blah inside talkee bubble

How to Avoid Buzz Word Answers

It is so easy to tell when a group is tired and jaded of the typical form-a-circle-and-answer-a-few-questions debrief strategy. (Ugh, I think I was bored…

hand gesturing non-verbal activities OK sign

What Non-Verbal Activities Do I Know?

There are many group leaders who are challenged to include and value the contribution of people who do not speak and/or understand the native language,…

Album Cover art reflection

Album Cover Art Reflection: An Example

There is nothing more powerful than an example. Or, as my son would say, “in real life.” One of my favourite art reflection activities is…

woman reading daily dedications book

Daily Dedications

Ten days ago I wrote about two important tasks teachers should focus on at the beginning of a new school year. One of these tasks…

man with newest activity ideas

Highlighting Our Newest Activities

It’s been a few months since we featured the release of our newest activities that have swelled our ever-expanding online database. As you may have…

teacher speaking to students coming back to school

What Students Need Coming Back to School

Students in the southern hemisphere have started coming back to school in what will be their third year impacted by the COVID19 pandemic. After a…

Young people worried that icebreakers don't work

Why Icebreakers Don’t Work & How to Fix Them

This topic has been a very popular keynote theme and conference workshop session of mine for a few years now. While many understand the concept…

Woman pondering who owns an idea

Who Owns An Idea?

My friend and mentor, the late Karl Rohnke, shared a quote with me that inspired the whole trajectory of my career: “A good idea doesn’t…

500 candles celebrating happy new year 2022

Celebrating 500+ Interactive Group Games & Activities

Happy new year everyone! I hope this finds you safe and well, it’s great to be back in the saddle. playmeo has a big year…

thank you Xmas 2022 greeting

On Being Grateful for 2021

Another year has passed, and what a year it’s been. Certainly, I am not glad that the COVID19 pandemic happened, but I am grateful for…

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