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Four bundles of scruned up paper in Paper Stone Stacking

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Paper Stone Stacking

Creative mindful activity based on nature wellness.

Ducks in a Row

Playful representation to discuss group behavioural norms.

Five Senses

Very calming, sensuous mindfulness exercise for groups.

Active Listening

Fun exercise to promote & build active listening skills.

Affirming Thoughts

Inspiring meditation to create & record empowering thoughts.

Come To Your Senses

Calming exercise to help groups reflect & be present.

Mindfulness Jar

Meditation tool to help relax & practice mindfulness.

The Being

Creative exercise to discuss behavioural norms & set goals.

Emotional Check-In

Engaging, guided strategy to build emotional literacy.

Calming Visualisations

Series of simple visualisations that promote relaxation.

Inspiring Check-Ins

Simple tool to bring intentionality to your programs.


Mindful Breathing

Powerful & simple relaxation exercise for all groups.

Drawing Breath

Fun mindful art project to create a sense of calm.

Luminaria Circle

Wonderfully imaginative & reflective exercise for the dark.

Inner World Art

Delightfully artful exploration of a person's inner world.

Uniquities Puzzle

Fun & creative team exercise to explore self-awareness.

Inner World Tour

Powerful & simple relaxation exercise for all groups.

Island of Healing Circle

Gentle, mindful exercise to prepare groups to share.