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Two sets of cards as used in Pay-Off

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Dramatic trust-building game to explore impacts of competition.

Culture Shock

Fascinating game to develop trust & empathy skills


Powerful trust-building initiative for partners & groups.

Find The Nail

Very simple problem with powerful message about subtlety.

Blind Portraits

Highly entertaining drawing experience for partners.

You Choose

Interactive strategy to help groups make decisions.

As If…

Interactive partner exercise to explore different personas.

Walk & Lean

Dynamic expansion of a classic spotting skills exercise.

Talking Behind Your Back

Fun, interactive & affirming trust-building energiser.

Empowered Teams

Dynamic team-forming strategy controlled by your group.

Trust Line

Powerful trust-building exercise for small groups.

Values Stock Market

Highly interactive exercise to explore group values.

Robot Walk

Fun & active trust-building exercise for partners.

Spot The Difference

Fun partner exercise to sharpen observation skills.

Izzat You?

Blindfold group initiative to sharpen listening skills.


I Trust You, But…

Very dynamic trust-building & spotting skills exercise.

The Rock

Fascinating group game that sharpens observation skills.

Hug A Tree

Gentle partner exercise that heightens the senses.

Hog Call

Fun trust-building exercise with a communication focus.

Come To Me

Fun partner exercise that develops trust & listening skills.


Challenging trust-exercise & group initiative.


Powerful & enjoyable trust-building activity for groups.

Wind In The Willows

Powerful trust-building exercise to support small groups.

Trust Leans

Fun exercise to develop trust, support & spotting skills.