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Set of nails on wooden block called Porcupine Progression

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Porcupine Progression

Very challenging engineering task for small groups.

Spaghetti Junction

Complex group initiative using simple equipment.

Polar Bears & Ice Holes

Fun lateral thinking puzzle to sharpen observation skills.

Bank Robbery

Fun mystery designed to be solved by large groups.

Two By Four

Intriguing team puzzle that is very tough to crack.

County Fair

Fun deductive-reasoning puzzle for small groups.

Twelve Bits

Intriguing logic puzzle designed to be solved in groups.

Online Scavenger Hunt

Virtual adaptation of popular team-based challenge.

Treasure Hunt

Fun navigational exercise to build observation skills.

Mastermind Relay

Medley of fun brainteasers & lateral-thinking problems.

Minute Mysteries

Series of mini-mysteries which foster critical thinking.

Name That List

Novel group initiative to test memory skills.

101 Line-Up Ideas

Dozens of fun & engaging ways to arrange groups in...

Human Boggle

Team-based adaptation of the commercial game Boggle.

Take Two

Fast-paced, competitive group initiative that's fun too.

Four-Letter Word

Highly interactive ice-breaker, energiser & team event.


Fun puzzle to inspire teamwork & critical thinking.


River Crossing

Classic team puzzle that focuses on critical thinking.

Fine Line Cards

Innovative set of playing cards featuring team puzzles.

One Word

Intriguing word puzzle that challenges assumptions.

Rope House

Challenging team puzzle that inspires possibility.


Series of fun & clever cryptic word puzzles to solve.

Birthday Numbers

Unique mathematical puzzle to challenge small teams.

Not A Knot

Difficult decision-making task that seeks consensus.