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Come Learn Experiential Learning with Me

Ready to take your experiential design and delivery skills to the next level and gain confidence in ALL areas of experiential learning? If that’s a…

experiential learning theory word mash-up

Come Learn Experiential Learning with Me

Ready to take your experiential design and delivery skills to the next level and gain confidence in ALL areas of experiential learning? If that’s a…

Pizza & PE podcast logo

Pizza & PE

One of the most basic no-no’s of any program delivery, especially online, is to eat a meal while presenting. It can be messy, some may…

Live chat icon illustration

Live Chat – Beta Testing Started

I don’t know about you, but when I’m browsing a website I am more inclined to click the live chat widget (to speak directly with…

Leaning Tower of Feetza competition

The 2022 Leaning Tower of Feetza Contest

Just how high can you stack a bunch of shoes on top of each other? This is the question our annual Leaning Tower of Feetza…

500 candles celebrating happy new year 2022

Celebrating 500+ Interactive Group Games & Activities

Happy new year everyone! I hope this finds you safe and well, it’s great to be back in the saddle. playmeo has a big year…

thank you Xmas 2022 greeting

On Being Grateful for 2021

Another year has passed, and what a year it’s been. Certainly, I am not glad that the COVID19 pandemic happened, but I am grateful for…

experiential learning theory word mash-up

Blending Theory with Play to Enhance Experiential Learning

We know that “All work and no play makes Jack (or Jill) a dull person” but what happens if it’s all play and no theory?…

Children playing: Source: HundrED Spotlight Learning Report 2021

Spotlight: Social & Emotional Learning Report

playmeo sits on an Advisory Board that helps inform HundrED in its selection of innovations for their annual Spotlight Projects focused on the development of…

Top 5 blog posts

Top Blog Posts for 2021

If you’re new to playmeo, or have just been too busy to absorb all of our content this year, this post is going to save…

WiLL WiSE, husband, teacher, mentor, coach & author

On Being Intentional: A Dedication to WiLL WiSE

Ten days ago I learned that a good friend and colleague of mine died. His name was WiLL WiSE – husband, teacher, dad, mentor, coach…

Twelve Bit - one of the latest activity uploads

Have You Seen Our Latest Activity Uploads?

September was a very busy month here at playmeo, slowly inching closer to our goal of breaking through the 500+ activity threshold before the end…

Mohawk Ironworker Walk on construction site

What’s In A Name: The Mohawk Ironworkers Walk

A key attribute of every activity featured in playmeo’s online database is the source of the idea. Sometimes this is very easy, other times, not…

Dial with Value Added Membership Fees for playmeo

New Value-Added Membership Fees

playmeo’s membership fees have not changed in almost 6 years, and yet, in that time we have added a ton of extra value for our…

Smiling students esxcited about activities to develop SEL skills

Leading Adventure Activities To Develop SEL Skills

It has always been possible to integrate a wide variety of experiential and adventure-based activities to develop and nourish the social-emotional learning (SEL) skills of…

Feeling good about One percent for the planet

Feeling Good About Doing Good

playmeo is excited to announce that we have joined the 1% for the Planet network. In short, this means that we have pledged to donate…

Woman attending Facilitating Experiential Learning Online workshop

How To Bring Experiential Learning Online

Bringing Experiential Learning Online is Easier than you Think   We’ve lived with the global pandemic and remote work for more than a year now….

Promoting psychological safety. Credit Liz & Mollie

Creating Psychological Safety: Free Webinar

In 2012, Google did extensive research to identify and evaluate the key factors that make great teams successful. Based on the findings of Project Aristotle,…

KELP - self-reflection tool by IFEL

Understand How You Learn & Teach These Insights To Others

When you consider that learning is the major process by which you navigate life, learning how to do this well becomes an essential condition to…

Lotus flower in pond reflecting new wellness programming attributes of playmeo

New Health & Wellness Programming Attributes

As much as this update has been on the cards for a while, I am also pleased to say that we have received overwhelming support…

Storyteller Bernadette Jiwa as featured in her Story Skills Workshop

Become a Better Storyteller

Do you want to become a better storyteller? Stories are the way we change minds and win hearts, and telling stories with more skill and…

Low Element Challenge Course Safety Manual in use in Australia

Low Challenge Course Safety Manual at Your Fingertips

Our online activity database expanded to include low and portable Challenge Course activities in 2020 and this week we uploaded our 20th activity description. Consider it…

Buy EMOJI Cards


Looking for a fun & creative way for your group to portray & describe emotions? EMOJI Cards are the ideal tool to help participants engage in conversations…

Goodbye 2020 note with face masksreflecting on year in numbers

2020 in Numbers

Well, what a year, hey? 2020 was just a regular, common, garden-variety kind of year, said, no-one 🙂 While I am pleased to say that…

Karl Rohnke and Devon Dubuque IA 2015

Vale Karl Rohnke – Adventure Programming Guru, Mentor & Friend

Dear members & friends. It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you that my long-time mentor, friend and colleague Karl Rohnke died…

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