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If you’re new to playmeo, or have just been too busy to absorb all of our content this year, this post will save you a lot of time. Indeed, why not bookmark this page now, and immerse yourself without guilt over the holidays?

For the record, playmeo attracts between 50K to 80K visits a month, so when we analyse what is popular or most valuable, we tabulate both quantitative (traffic & comments) and qualitative (shares & content) data to pull this list together.


Top Blog Posts for 2022


Ten Years Young

Okay, this one may not have featured new content, but it was wonderful to revel in the delight with many of our members worldwide to celebrate 10 years of curating what has become the world’s largest & most comprehensive online database of group games & activities. Check out what others had to say about why there were celebrating this milestone.

How to Avoid Buzz Word Answers

This how-to article struck a chord with our membership because, let’s be honest, we all encounter this issue and don’t often feel that we have productive ways to manage the pervasive issue of buzzwords. In it, you will learn a bunch of strategies and ideas that will help you beat those buzzword woes.

4+ Activities to Explore Unconscious Bias

I’m not even sure we scratched the surface with this topic. Personally, and professionally, I know I still have a lot to learn and uncover when it comes to my own unconscious bias, so it does not surprise me that this article resonated with our community. If any part of your program touches on the impacts of unconscious bias, I encourage you to check out this thought-provoking article.

Who Owns an Idea?

Surprisingly, one of our very first articles of the year became one of our most popular of the year. The concept of ownership when it comes to the creation, use and delivery of group activities is such a complex and prickly idea, this had been an article in the making for many years. My question to you is – what do you think? Where does ownership land for you and in what ways should you acknowledge where they come from?

New Community Learning Space

Judged mostly by the online response from our members, it would seem that the introduction of a new Community learning space to share, contribute and learn from one another was a hit. Accessible to members only, I am confident it will increasingly become the go-to place to ask for, and offer help.


Naturally, if you have anything to add to the conversation – adding a Comment to the article or to the Community Feed – it’s never too late, and you are always most welcome!

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