Activity Ideas

Have You Ever: Switch Seats with Empathy

Kudos to the High 5 Adventure Learning team for sharing a wonderfully inclusive version of the classic Have You Ever? game in their latest newsletter….

Switch Seats in action with High 5 Adventure Learning staff

Have You Ever: Switch Seats with Empathy

Kudos to the High 5 Adventure Learning team for sharing a wonderfully inclusive version of the classic Have You Ever? game in their latest newsletter….

Dr Juliana Mosley TED Talk

4 Inspiring TED Talks to Welcome the New School Year

I’ve been an avid watcher of TED Talks for many years. I treat them like tiny morsels of nutrition to feed and inspire my day…

new health & wellness activities

New Health & Wellness Activities To Try

With each passing week, playmeo has been busy uploading many new activities, particularly those with a health & wellness and SEL (social-emotional learning) focus. If…

Illustration of One-Line Electric Fence, one of our activity uploads

Latest Activity Uploads

playmeo was busy sharing a bunch of new group games & activities last month. In case you missed them, I want to tell you about…

LEGO bricks in a pile

The Power of LEGO Bricks

In today’s Learning Pod session, a small group of playmeo members turned up to connect, share and lean into a bunch of exciting programming questions….

group games with no video icon

12 Virtual Group Games with No Video

For many of us, adapting our existing programs during the pandemic to suit a virtual audience has been a challenge. Worse, when the group we…

activity uploads for may 2021 featuring Mirror Neurons

Top Activity Uploads for May 2021

There have been a bunch of new activities uploaded to playmeo’s online activity database this past month. Here are two that I think you and…

We Connect cards pose some of the best icebreaker questions

What Are The Best Icebreaker Questions?

Imagine a speed dating event. Two concentric circles of seats, set up with half the group seated on the inner circle while the folks in…

Boy running through sprinkler water game

Our #1 Summer Camp Water Game

I led a camp in North Carolina for 8 summers that catered for close to 800 boys and girls. These were some of the best…

Mimeograph group initiative set of Ubuntu Cards

Mimeograph – Fun Pattern-Finding Group Initiative

My friends at High 5 Adventure Learning Centre introduced me to this awesome group initiative 5 years ago and it’s become a staple of my…

Low Element Challenge Course Safety Manual in use in Australia

Low Challenge Course Safety Manual at Your Fingertips

Our online activity database expanded to include low and portable Challenge Course activities in 2020 and this week we uploaded our 20th activity description. Consider it…

Mandala which formed part of interactive group games online session

Top 10 Interactive Group Games & Activities

The International Camping Fellowship (ICF) invited me to present a 90 interactive session last week as a part of their newly branded ICF Academy Series…

Mark holding lion photograph to inspire story-telling game

Panic Picture – Fast-Paced Story-Telling Reflection Tool

One of the latest group activities to be uploaded to playmeo’s online activity database is Panic Picture. Inspired by our friends at We and Me!…

Virtual reflection activities used in webinar

Top 10 Virtual Reflection Activities

Okay. The virus isn’t going away anytime soon, so it will be very necessary to continue to deliver many of our experiential-based programs and curriculum…

Man giving thumbs up. Credit Johan Godinez

Ready to Learn?

How often have you stopped (at the start of your program) to ask if your class or staff are ready to learn? If you’re like…

Sample Online Scavenger Hunt screen

How To Run Your Own Online Scavenger Hunt

It’s finally here. Everything you need to create and host your own Online Scavenger Hunt events for your class, training group or camp.   If…

Social distance sign requesting people to keep physical-distancing

How To Adapt Activities for Physical-Distancing Rules

There have been two primary waves of enquiries since the current health pandemic rocked the world. The first and most urgent was focused on “How…

Man walking on journey considering a debriefing tip. Credit Joshua Ness

Debriefing Tip – Begin With The End In Mind

There are some, even within the experiential & adventure education community, who doubt that most of what we call debriefing or reflection is effective for…

Two brain-based ways to increase engagement

Brain-Based Ways to Increase Engagement

Last week I shared a bunch of lessons, tips and strategies I have learned about how to present group activities online. This week, I turn…

Office workplace in need of fun virtual team building activities

5 Fun Workplace Team Building Activities

The research and evidence are clear – the more comfortable people feel in their workplace, the happier and more productive they can be. To this…

Man using laptop at home playing virtual trust building activities

Virtual Trust Building Activities for Remote Teams

Virtual trust building activities can help remote teams to nourish and develop positive team morale and increase their productivity. This is true for workplace teams…

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day: Free Lesson Plan

Later this week, Saturday 10 October, is World Mental Health Day. To acknowledge this important day on our calendar, my friends at the Institute of…

Tree in a desert showing ways to build resilience

101 Ways to Build Resilience

Resilience is talked about a lot these days and for good reason. Generally speaking, resilience is often defined as the ability to withstand adversity and…

Laptop webinar with free interactive games for online meetings and fun zoom icebreakers. Credit Gabriel Benois

Fun Zoom Icebreakers for Virtual Teams & Meetings

One of the most consistent talking points during the pandemic has been the level of fatigue and burnout people are feeling with all of the…