Woman describing why do icebreakers fail

Why Do (Some) Icebreakers Fail to Break the Ice?

I cringe every time I see this happen. You’ve sat patiently in a room filled with a bunch of strangers, making idle small talk where…

Decision-making tool of Plan A v Plan B

My Favourite Group Decision-Making Exercise

Every group problem-solving activity affords ample opportunities for a group to make decisions, eg What idea to run with, Who goes first, What to do…

large group needing non-traditional energisers

Super-Fun, Non-Traditional Energisers & Ice-Breakers

Members often ask me to list or describe my favourite Go-To activities for various program settings and objectives. And of these, one of the most…

Back to school activities to help students reconnect

Back-To-School Activity Ideas that Help Students Reconnect

Over the next month or two, tens of millions of students will return to classes across the northern hemisphere. Summer is a long break, but…

unconscious bias word cloud

4+ Activities to Explore Unconscious Bias

Do you know this story? A man and his son are driving in a car one day when they get into a fatal accident. The…

Two sets of cards as used in Pay-Off

Mid-Year Activity Update

For a while there, I managed to give you, dear reader, a monthly glimpse of the latest and greatest activity ideas that had just been…

Organisational change of giraffe into elephant

8 Activity Ideas that Explore Organisational Change

Most weeks, a lot of my time is spent corresponding and/or chatting with playmeo members all over the world helping them solve problems and search…

Woman using attention-getting device

7 Attention-Getting Ideas Without Raising Your Voice

One of the first things I learned about working with groups, especially large groups outdoors, was the need to look after my voice. Simply raising…

New Release of activity ideas sign

New Group Activity Ideas

We are always so excited to share the latest and greatest activity ideas with our members and users as soon as we upload them. Yet,…

hand gesturing non-verbal activities OK sign

What Non-Verbal Activities Do I Know?

There are many group leaders who are challenged to include and value the contribution of people who do not speak and/or understand the native language,…

Album Cover art reflection

Album Cover Art Reflection: An Example

There is nothing more powerful than an example. Or, as my son would say, “in real life.” One of my favourite art reflection activities is…

woman reading daily dedications book

Daily Dedications

Ten days ago I wrote about two important tasks teachers should focus on at the beginning of a new school year. One of these tasks…

man with newest activity ideas

Highlighting Our Newest Activities

It’s been a few months since we featured the release of our newest activities that have swelled our ever-expanding online database. As you may have…

environmental education with young people

Games with an Environmental / Sustainability Theme

Experiential learning is a methodology, not a subject, so when I see it applied across a school’s curriculum, I get particularly excited. That is to…

Hot Box thumbnail - one of the latest activity uploads

October Activity Uploads

playmeo is staring down its target of 500+ activities uploaded to its online database by the end of the year. We have just 12 more…

Switch Seats in action with High 5 Adventure Learning staff

Have You Ever: Switch Seats with Empathy

Kudos to the High 5 Adventure Learning team for sharing a wonderfully inclusive version of the classic Have You Ever? game in their latest newsletter….

Dr Juliana Mosley TED Talk

4 Inspiring TED Talks to Welcome the New School Year

I’ve been an avid watcher of TED Talks for many years. I treat them like tiny morsels of nutrition to feed and inspire my day…

new health & wellness activities

New Health & Wellness Activities To Try

With each passing week, playmeo has been busy uploading many new activities, particularly those with a health & wellness and SEL (social-emotional learning) focus. If…

Illustration of One-Line Electric Fence, one of our activity uploads

Latest Activity Uploads

playmeo was busy sharing a bunch of new group games & activities last month. In case you missed them, I want to tell you about…

LEGO bricks in a pile

The Power of LEGO Bricks

In today’s Learning Pod session, a small group of playmeo members turned up to connect, share and lean into a bunch of exciting programming questions….

group games with no video icon

12 Virtual Group Games with No Video

For many of us, adapting our existing programs during the pandemic to suit a virtual audience has been a challenge. Worse, when the group we…

activity uploads for may 2021 featuring Mirror Neurons

Top Activity Uploads for May 2021

There have been a bunch of new activities uploaded to playmeo’s online activity database this past month. Here are two that I think you and…

Team-building card games like We Connect cards pose some of the best icebreaker questions

What Are The Best Icebreaker Questions?

Imagine a speed dating event. Two concentric circles of seats, set up with half the group seated on the inner circle while the folks in…

Boy running through sprinkler water game

Our #1 Summer Camp Water Game

I led a camp in North Carolina for 8 summers that catered for close to 800 boys and girls. These were some of the best…

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