Top 7 Activities That Leave Groups On A High

Are you looking for activities that purposefully pump up your group and leave them feeling on a high? In this article, you will learn a bunch of simple group games and activities that will leave your group feeling positive, happy, and coming back for more.


Leave Them Wanting More


There’s no better feeling for a group leader to watch groups respond so positively to everything they present.

Unless you have a very specific reason for doing the opposite, most program leaders prefer to conclude their programs with participants feeling good about themselves and the event they just experienced. You know, beaming smiles, hugs and lots of good vibes.

Part of this rationale speaks to the science of first and last impressions.

We all understand that making a good first impression is essential to success. So, too, is leaving a good last impression because of the enduring nature of feelings associated with the end of an experience, ie this is why so many stories end with a “happily ever after.”

Furthermore, as I share in Serious Fun, it is a scientific fact: it is impossible to change how a person thinks or what they do without first changing how they feel.

Or, in other words, how a person feels when they leave your program is fundamentally linked to your ability to influence what they think and do afterwards.


Activities That Elevate Good Feelings


To be honest, any experience that invites people to have fun could be used to close a program on a high.

But… I think the list of activities I describe below works even better because they purposefully create their own natural conclusions.



Your group starts in a circle and ends with everyone dancing in the middle. It’s very easy to present, you will create an abundance of good feelings and smiling faces, and it doesn’t matter how many people are in the room. You’ll need to learn a very simple ditty (you can download the script) and a few funky moves – which you will teach to your group – and no props are necessary. Take a look at the activity video of a real group at play to witness a wonderful example of how the crescendo builds to a joyous finale.


Start this simple, captivating partner exercise in pairs. After a few quick variations to keep the energy high, invite each pair to join with another pair to form a group of four. Form circles of action and lead a few simple variations of fun. Then this group of four joins with another group of four, etc, etc. You get the idea. Keep introducing new variations to keep things fresh and eventually, you will close with one very large circle all playing together. Nothing beats that final round of energy. You now have everyone’s attention, and with a few closing words, you are done and your group is feeling pretty happy about themselves.

Accepting Yourself

This program closing exercise is ideal for small groups and if you have time. Once you have distributed the required materials and framed the exercise carefully, you will invite each person to spend some time in quiet reflection. Then, when everyone has completed their notes, invite everyone back together and lead a guided conversation in which every person will share with the rest of the group. The affirmations that flow from the rest of the group is where the magic occurs. I have never lead this activity without feeling grateful for the positive feelings and love in the room at the end of the sharing. You could combine this exercise with Certificate Ceremony (described below) to add even more value.

Certificate Ceremony

If a certificate needs to be handed out at the end of your program, try this novel idea for fun. Shuffle all the certificates and then distribute them randomly to each person in the room. Check that everyone has received the certificate belonging to someone else. Hint: 9 times out of 10, someone receives their own certificate, the odds of which are super-crazy. Anyways, once distributed, invite everyone to find the owner of the certificate and “on behalf of the whole group” hand over the certificate and offer one or more positive affirmations to the receiver. In seconds, you will generate heaps of positive energy, and everyone will leave your program feeling good about themselves.

Bill & The Button Factory

This is one of my all-time favourite large group closers. It is fantastically silly, energetic, and super fun and I often only lead it with groups I think deserve it (it’s that good.) There are many, many different versions of the ditty I share in the Resources tab, but whatever you do, you have to be 100% all in, or don’t bother at all. You WILL have everyone’s attention and smiling, beaming faces focused on you at the end of the exercise, at which point it’s time to say your Thank Yous and Goodbyes. That is, after you catch your breath.

Coming & Going of the Rain

This exercise works in all environments and with all size groups. My preferred option is to form a large circle, but inviting people to stand in a tiered seating arena works just as well. The basic premise is to lead your group through the various, predictable stages of a rainstorm. All of the basic elements are replicated by a cacophony of sounds made from one’s body. All you need is for your group to be able to see and hear you, and off you go. Enjoy, this one is a treat to lead and even more so to be a part of.

Ro Sham Bo

Other than some space for your group to interact and play, all you need is the knowledge of one of my most common partner games in the world – Rock Paper Scissors. Armed with this knowledge, pairs compete and the winner takes all, ie their opponent joins a congo-line formed behind them. Every time they win, they earn more people for their line until the final two groups face off. Within seconds, one team will be declared the winner, which in effect, means everyone. Which, in and of itself is a wonderful message to close with. You may choose to play one or several quick rounds. Either way, you’ll have elevated the energy in the room, everyone will be feeling good and you’re ready to close.


Once the activity comes to a close, and your group’s attention returns to you, you’re ready to say your Thankyous and Goodbyes, and you’re done.

Have fun.

ps: if you’re looking for more guidance about when to stop an activity, check out Episode 09 and Episode 30 of our Facilitator Tips video series.


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