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Facilitator Tips Video Series

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Every two weeks we release a new, two-minute video which focuses on the art and science of group facilitation skills.

Ideal for beginners who don’t know where to start, and experienced practitioners who are looking to be inspired with new ideas.

Each Facilitator Tips episode is accompanied with useful links, bonus resources and a video transcript.

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Facilitator Tips Episodes


Ep 01: How To Form Random Pairs

Ep 02: How To Form Random Teams

Ep 03: How To Pick A Partner

Ep 04: How To Break The Ice

Ep 05: How To Start A Program

Ep 06: Honouring Challenge by Choice

Ep 07: Connection Before Content

Ep 08: Language Is A Potent Tool

Ep 09: When To Stop An Activity

Ep 10: Quick Attention Grabber – Back to Back

Ep 11: How To Get Your Group’s Attention