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Facilitator Tips Video Series

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Every two weeks we release a new, two-minute video which focuses on the art and science of group facilitation skills, particularly in the context of interactive group games & activities. Ideal for beginners who don’t know where to start, and experienced practitioners who are looking to be inspired with new ideas.

Each Facilitator Tips episode is accompanied by useful links, bonus resources and a video transcript.

And best of all – they’re FREE.

Practical Tips 1 - 12

Episode 1 – How to Form Random Pairs

Episode 2 – How to Form Random Teams

Episode 3 – How to Pick a Partner

Episode 4 – How to Break the Ice

Episode 5 – How to Start Your Programs

Episode 6 – Honouring Challenge By Choice

Episode 7 – Connection Before Content

Episode 8 – Language is a Potent Tool

Episode 9 – When to Stop an Activity

Episode 10 – Quick Attention Grabber

Episode 11 – How to Get Your Group’s Attention

Episode 12 – Keep People Bunched Together


Practical Tips 13 - 24

Episode 13 – Let Group Create its Own Energy

Episode 14 – Your Framing is Key

Episode 15 – Inject Lots of Humour

Episode 16 – Always Ask for Volunteers

Episode 17  – What is the Meaning of FUNN?

Episode 18 – Always Have More Than You Need

Episode 19 – Try New Things All The Time

Episode 20 – Seek Peer Feedback

Episode 21: How To Manage Dominant People

Episode 22: How To Engage Unwilling People

Episode 23: How To Run Lateral-Thinking Games

Episode 24: How To Keep Your Group’s Attention


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Practical Tips 25 - 36

Episode 25: Managing ‘I’ve Done This Before’

Episode 26: Remove Distractions

Episode 27: How To Remember Names

Episode 28: How To Introduce Group Activities

Episode 29: Are Elimination Games OK?

Episode 30: Stop an Activity Before it Wanes

Episode 31: How To Calm Your Group

Episode 32: How To Run an Effective Debrief

Episode 33: The Zone of Proximal Development

Episode 34: How to Break-Up Cliques