Why Framing Your Group’s Experience is Important
Facilitator Tips Episode 14

Framing Is Key to Your Group’s Success


This week’s Facilitator Tips episode explores the value and importance of preparing your group to step outside their Comfort Zones.


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In other words, framing is key to setting up your group for success.

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  • Serious Fun – my latest book, which discusses the seriously fun approach I use to fully prepare my groups to achieve their peak performance.
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Video Transcript


Hi there and welcome to Episode 14 of the Facilitator Tips video series.

My name is Mark Collard. I’m an experiential trainer and author, and I’m going to share with you another learning in this video called “Framing is Key.”

Frame. Frame. Frame. Now it is really just another word for preparation, that is what can I do to prepare my group to help it attain the highest outcome possible.

That is the key, but it also sets the scene, that is if I’m going to be moving into a serious conversation then if I’ve just come out of an activity where there’s been enormous amounts of energy and people are bouncing off the wall and then I expect them to settle into a serious conversation, the transition won’t have worked. So I need to think about how I’m going to frame my conversation having come out of all of that energy.

So I am preparing my group. It is about setting the scene, but it is more than just answering the questions of my group about what’s coming up next, because as human beings we have that natural proclivity to want to know what’s happening next, what’s going to occur, what I’m going to be doing and so forth.

But it’s more than just that. It’s also about your language, the tone, the way in which you actually say what you’re about to say rather than just the words matters. That’s part of your framing.

So are your lead-up activities as I described. If you’ve just come out of an extremely energetic activity find something that calms the group down before you move into the exercise where you really require their attention. Otherwise, you’re just going to be working with their resistance to wanting to do that.

And then finally it does relate to your overall approach. A big part of my program adopts the philosophy of challenge by choice. So it’s critical if I’m going to be framing my program that even if I’ve said that they need to have opportunities to actually exercise their choice as well. So that’s also critical to your framing.

So that’s what I’ve learned and hopefully, you’ll find that valuable in your programs as well. If you do, please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you, or indeed share this video with other people.

To get more information and links from this, go to the show notes at www.playmeo.com Episode 14.

And that’s it for now. I look forward to seeing you at the next episode.

Have fun in the meantime. Bye-bye.


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