Latest Activities to Help People Connect & Have Fun

Sitting in an airplane for a couple of days is the kind of motivation (and space) I crave to write. And in the past 2 weeks, this is exactly what got done.

I have uploaded three new group games & activities that are super fun and ideally suited to anyone looking to invite their group to connect and have fun.

In no particular order, here they are.

Loop de Loop

Shared by a member of playmeo’s learning community, this group initiative is awesome for helping a group work on their goal-setting processes and what it means to work together. All you need is a long rope (15m or 50′) and a little bit of space. Apart from being highly interactive and fun, I really like it because it can be adapted to suit many different challenges and variations. Check it out.


Although I’ve known about this activity for a while, I just saw it delivered with a group this week and I sense it will soon become a new favourite of mine. Yes, it is inspired by the Disney movie of the same name, it is a wonderfully intimate partner-sharing exercise. You could use it once and move on, or intend to leverage these partner collaborations many times to provide a source of reflection throughout your longer programs. With thanks to the team at Paradigm Shift.

Name That Tune

This is a classic, but it’s so much more than just remembering the song title and/or artist of a series of song snippets. Click the link to discover a bunch of other really useful variations of this familiar theme. You can deliver this fun game as an individual or team event, and even consider expanding the concept to ‘other’ types of sounds. Dive in to learn more about this powerful (and very entertaining) vehicle that promises to help your group connect and have fun, over and over again.


I hope you enjoy these activities. Let me know what you think.

ps: Activity videos featuring a group playing Name That Tune and Encanto are in the can and will be uploaded shortly.

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  1. jeWElle de Mesa

    new stufffff! yey!

    mark and to all who contributed, thaaaaanks,


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Download our free 28-page ebook jam-packed with outrageously fun activity ideas.