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Are you seeking props and resources to equip your training & professional development programs? Take a look at Trainers Warehouse.

There, you’ll find an incredible array of tools built purposefully for your employee training and development needs.


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Use Active Training Techniques


As the author of three activity books called No Props, I’ll be the first to tell you that you don’t need equipment to make your programs fun and engaging.

But if you’re looking to ramp up your group’s engagement and motivation, not to mention build team skills, I know there are a set of resources I use frequently to help me achieve these objectives.

For example, our Best-Selling Cards Bundle includes some of my all-time favourite props, but our friends at Trainer’s Warehouse offer an even wider selection of resources.

Whether you need signs and certificates to celebrate learning, fidget tools to increase focus, team-building games to make learning fun, or meeting essentials to promote employee engagement, you can shape employee growth at your fingertips.

Equip yourself with the latest and greatest active learning games, training tools, and teacher resources, especially for education and training professionals.

Trainers Warehouse are always adding to its collection of brain-friendly corporate training props so trainers and teachers can have more fun in their jobs and make learning memorable. Whether your teams are forming, storming, norming, or performing, we have you covered.

Engage All Types of Learners


If you’re looking for high-quality training supplies and teacher resources, check out what Trainers Warehouse offers.

Some of their most popular tools that make school and work fun include learning games for active participation, finger fidgets for kinesthetic learners, and tokens of appreciation to thank employees or students for their hard work.

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