Icebreakers for Large Groups

How do you break the ice with a large group? If this is a question that has passed through your mind at some point, you’re going to love this video because it features one of my all-time favourite icebreakers for large groups.

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Just How Large Is A Large Group?


It varies, of course.

As a guide, I often consider a group of 30 or more people as large, so the size of a classroom of students.

Yet, I have worked in schools where groups of 6 students were considered “large” and, on the other hand, in a summer camp where more than 1,200 people were involved in the same activity at the same time.

But for argument’s sake, let’s work on the basis of 30+ people.


Unwritten Large Group Rules


I have a couple of rules for working with large groups, and this applies to icebreakers for large groups.

First, it is best not to involve the use of equipment. No-props style activities mean everyone has everything they need to make the activity work, nothing gets broken, lost or stolen, and best of all, you don’t have to schlep anything around 🙂

Second, any activity that involves groups of two people or pairs is ideal for large groups. Pairs will instantly amplify the energy and engagement in the room, and if there’s an odd number, you get to play, too.

Finally, consider the use of lots of non-verbal instructions, such as demonstrations and arm gestures to attract your group’s attention. You only need the presence of outdoor distractions or a faulty microphone and you’ve just amped up the challenge of your task.

Large Group Icebreaker Games


The ESP activity demonstrated live with Chad and me in the above video is a classic large-group icebreaker. It features most, if not all, of the critical ingredients that makes an experience successful at breaking the ice:

  • It’s fun – it never fails to trigger instant bursts of energy and laughter;
  • It’s highly interactive – if you start with random partners, you’ve just ramped up the interaction in the room bya factor of 2;
  • It’s simple – there’s not much to remember, and yet so much to unpack;
  • It’s non-threatening – it’s a fun game, and no one else is watching you play, which means it does not matter if you win or lose.
  • Finally, it’s success-oriented – the focus of this icebreaker is on generating energy, laughing and inviting two people to play together.


When you’re ready to learn more, click the button below to unlock and discover so much more about this hilarious ESP icebreaker.


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