NEW – Activity Search Filters

A long-awaited update to our powerful activity search engine is now complete.

Previously, filtering a selected group of activities was only possible by nominating ONE filter at a time. For example, you may have searched for all Energisers that run for 5 to 10 minutes and are suitable for 30+ people with all exertion levels – and you’d end up with 14 activity ideas.

Then, with so many to choose from, you’d then want to filter them based on further attributes, but … you could only select one attribute at a time, eg those with No Props OR those with a Video Tutorial, OR…


Introducing the Parameter of AND


Happily, you can now filter your search results based on one or more attributes.

Continuing from the earlier example, if I only wanted to browse those activities which require no props AND feature a video tutorial, you can. In this instance, the results are further refined to 8 activities.

For the record, you can choose up to one or all six of the following activity search filters:

  • Free – view only those activities which form part of our designated free list, ie do not need a membership to browse.
  • Virtual – activities suitable for use with an online or virtual audience.
  • No Props – these activities require no equipment to present.
  • Video – only list those activities which feature a video showcasing a real group playing it.
  • Indoor – only show those activities which can be presented indoors.
  • Outdoor – list only those activities that are suitable for playing in an outdoor environment.

I hope you enjoy using these new activity search filters.

Happy browsing.


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