Facilitating Experiential Learning Online

I think for many experiential educators, the COVID19 pandemic caused a seismic shift in their understanding of how experiential learning could be delivered in a virtual setting.

Happily, with 2.5 years of virtual delivery under our belts now, it is explicit experiential learning CAN be delivered online, but… it takes a very different type of facilitation to make it effective.


Develop Your Online Facilitation Skills


Engaging in online programs involves a new set of challenges that require teachers and trainers to adapt. Applying the foundational principles of the Kolb Experiential Learning Theory to the online environment ensures the utmost engagement and effective outcomes.

Romy Alexandra is back with Facilitating Experiential Learning Online, a gem of a course that brings Experiential Learning to life in the virtual and online environment.

This six-session, seven-week course is a game changer for anyone who wants to become proficient in Experiential Learning, engage learners, and renew their passion for educating others. Whether you are a seasoned educator or a new trainer wishing to become an experiential educator in the virtual environment, this is the course for you.

In this project-based interactive blended learning program, you will create a real training session, practice delivering it, receive feedback from peers and facilitators, and determine ways to improve. Romy includes the perfect blend of theory and practice.

Your investment in this program will be a gift to you AND your learners. Register today (or before September 27) to claim your seat.  The program begins on Tue 4th October and you will gain access to the online platform and two key assessments before the first session.

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Tuesday will become your favourite day of the week this fall.  You will be uplifted from experiencing the possibilities of Facilitating Experiential Learning Online and learn to do the same for your learners.

Do not miss this personal and professional development opportunity.


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