Free Instructions for 530+ Icebreakers, Energisers & Teambuilding Activities

We all love something for free.

So, if you’re looking for step-by-step instructions to lead 100s of icebreakers, energisers and teambuilding activities that cost you nothing – check out the latest update to playmeo’s activity database.

Right now, you can browse the instructions of EVERY SINGLE ACTIVITY featured on playmeo’s ever-expanding database of group games & activities absolutely free. Forever.


No Strings Attached


That’s right.

100% free icebreakers, free energisers, free trust-building games & free team-building activities.

You’ll also find free large-group games, free debriefing activities, free health & wellbeing activities, free tag games, and so much more.

The accordion tab for Step-by-Step Instructions has been unlocked across the entire database.

There’s no registration. No optin. No credit card.

Of course, suppose you’re keen to unlock the remaining content tabs to view Activity Videos, Leadership Tips, Variations and Debriefing Strategies. In that case, all you have to do is register for one of our two annual Essentials or Pro plans or, if you’re part of a team, one of our Enterprise plans.

All for less than the cost of 2 x cups of coffee a month.


Why the Generosity?


We’ve wanted to make this move for a while, and it was finally time.

As part of the executive coaching journey I have embarked on, I have learned that if the guts of one’s business is primarily sharing information, I should give it all away. And only charge for implementation.

And so I did. Eeeeeeekk.

You see, the reality is that most of the content you will find on playmeo can probably be sourced elsewhere on the internet. The kicker is – playmeo makes it super-easy to find it all by curating it all in one easy-to-use, easy-to-search place.

As we often say, playmeo is where the BEST educators & group leaders get their games. This is because we offer an unmatched level of programming resources & content such as 280+ activity videos, expert leadership tips, engaging debriefing ideas, health & wellbeing advice etc, etc.

We agree. We think this premium content is worth the cost of a cup of coffee or two each month, ie this is what it will cost you to join playmeo today!

Instantly browse the step-by-step instructions for 100s of free icebreakers, energisers & team-building activities.

Or, click below to start a 7-Day Free Trial and unlock everything.


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