Length of rope sotting ground presenting team puzzle called Not A Knot

Not A Knot

Difficult decision-making task that seeks consensus.

  • Simple set-up
  • Focus on decision-making skills
  • Promotes consensus-making
  • Develops empathy


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Comments (1)

  1. David Piang-Nee

    Really fantastic activity that brings out great conversations on how we come make decisions and how we come to create our beliefs and how far we are willing to stand by those beliefs. This translates into much wider conversations and events in our greater world as well.

    Depending on how you also run the activity can offer perspectives on how we share our values, observations, thoughts and opinions. It can also help offer some insight in our powers of persuasion.

    Very simple demonstration that can lead to very powerful and meaningful conversations and thoughts on how on can perceive the world.

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