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Story Swap

Fun, creative & thought-provoking story-telling exercise.

Paper Stone Stacking

Creative mindful activity based on nature wellness.

Porcupine Progression

Very challenging engineering task for small groups.

One Up One Down

Fantastic observation & lateral thinking exercise for groups.

Rose Debrief

Very simple, yet powerful metaphoric reflection tool.

Ducks in a Row

Playful representation to discuss group behavioural norms.

Five Senses

Very calming, sensuous mindfulness exercise for groups.


Fun & creative story-telling exercise to explore mindsets.

If Then

Playful partner game to inspire creativity & interaction.

Paradigm Shift

Quick, engaging exercise to explore different perspectives.


Dramatic trust-building game to explore impacts of competition.


Simple, yet powerful re-framing exercise for individuals.

Spaghetti Junction

Complex group initiative using simple equipment.

Polar Bears & Ice Holes

Fun lateral thinking puzzle to sharpen observation skills.

Five Finger Contract

Very simple & handy way to discuss behavioural norms.

On Par

Entertaining dice game of chance for small groups.

Bank Robbery

Fun mystery designed to be solved by large groups.

Active Listening

Fun exercise to promote & build active listening skills.

A What?

Outrageously fun & deceptively simple circle passing game.

Accepting Yourself

Simple yet powerful self-reflection tool for groups.

Letter To Self

Powerful self-reflection & processing strategy.

Affirming Thoughts

Inspiring meditation to create & record empowering thoughts.

Blind Name-Tag

Fun & quirky name-game ideal for virtual audiences.

County Fair

Fun deductive-reasoning puzzle for small groups.