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LifetimeI'm a leader in my field

$0.00 AUD / year and a $497.00 AUD sign-up fee

  • Once-off fee
  • Unlimited, lifetime access
  • Get free consultations
  • Save time & money
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ProI regularly use group games

$97.00 AUD / year

  • Annual plan
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$17.00 AUD / month

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Annual plans
Up to 1,000 users

Value-AddLow-cost resource to add value to your members

$1,997.00 AUD / year

  • Ideal for member-based organisations & clients
  • Perfect re-sale package for affiliates
  • Less than $2 / user
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Up to 200 users

EliteIdeal for professional educators & leaders making a difference

$997.00 AUD / year

  • Suits large, established organisations
  • Preferred by leading schools worldwide
  • Less than $5 / user
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Up to 50 users

GrowthBest value for growing businesses

$497.00 AUD / year

  • Most popular plan
  • Suits medium-sized organisations
  • Less than $10 / user
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SmartSmall teams on a budget

$197.00 AUD / year

  • Simple, cost-effective plan
  • Upgrade anytime
  • Less than $20 / user
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InfiniteThe ultimate solution for large networks 1,000 + users


$2,997.00 AUD / year

  • Unlimited plan
  • Ideal for diverse & large-scale entities
  • From as little as $3 / user
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