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Payment Options

The quickest way to purchase playmeo’s online resources is to arrange payment with a credit (or debit) card when you sign-up. However, if you prefer, or you can not use a credit or debit card (for whatever reason,) you may also arrange payment with one of the following playmeo payment options:

1. Electronic Bank Deposit/Transfer

Arrange a direct or electronic deposit into playmeo’s bank account in Australia or the USA. As soon as your deposit is confirmed, we will immediately activate your subscription or arrange shipping. Contact us for bank account details. Please note, there may be additional charges added to international wire transfers to cover bank fees when we receive foreign currency.

2. Purchase Order

Send your official Purchase Order to playmeo, and we will prepare an invoice for you (30-day terms.) On most occasions, we will immediately activate your subscription or arrange shipping.

3. PayPal

Arrange a transfer of funds from your PayPal account to [email protected]. As soon as the funds have been received, we’ll immediately activate your subscription or arrange shipping.

4. WeChat Pay

If you have a WeChat and/or Alibaba account, you can arrange immediate payment using your phone – click here for more details.


If all else fails, it may be possible to accept payment over the phone using our remote credit card payment facility. Please contact us if this option is necessary.

You may also wish to read our cancellation policy and terms & conditions.