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FAQs / Operational

Do you have an app?

Not yet. An app to access all of playmeo’s resources will soon be available, in mid-2018 (for iOS and Android devices.)

In the meantime, the current website does behave like an app. All of playmeo’s resources are mobile-friendly which means you can view everything on a smart device (phone or tablet) when you’re away from a computer. For easy access, especially for frequent users, click here to learn how to add the playmeo icon onto your Home Screen.

With or without an app, you can always download hundreds of Print+Play (PDF) resources directly to your mobile device for future (and off-line) reference.

I’ve been locked out – I can’t login

There are two possible reasons why you can’t login:

  1. You forgot your login credentials – playmeo will permit three consecutive login attempts before the system locks you out – you may have to wait at least 60 minutes before your next attempt. If you are unsure of your password and wish to avoid this inconvenience, we recommend that you reset your password by clicking this link; or
  2. Another user has already logged in – all single-user plans (Monthly and Annual) permit only one user to be actively logged into an account at any one time. If more than one person (in your group) requires access to playmeo’s premium resources at the same time, please consider subscribing to one of our Multi-User Plans.

My password isn’t working

Your first step is to click this link to reset your password. If your email address is recognised by playmeo, you will receive an email message asking you to click a link which will direct you to a unique page to help you enter a new password. If you do not receive this message, please check your junk mail folder. If all else fails, contact us and we’ll sort out the problem.

How do I add playmeo to my Home Screen?

Although playmeo does not have an app, it is mobile-friendly which allows the website to behave like an app. For ease of use, especially frequent users, it is possible to add the playmeo icon onto the home or front screen your mobile devices. This means that when you click the icon, it will automatically open your favourite web browser and navigate to in a snap (as if it was an app.)

Follow these simple steps to add an icon to your Home Screen. First, navigate to playmeo’s home page, and then:

  • Apple iOS – click the Share button (square with arrow pointing up and out of it), then select the ‘Add to Home Screen’ option.
  • Android – click the Menu button (sometimes, it could be the Page option), then select ‘Add to Home Screen’ option.

Does GST apply?

All fees and prices include relevant taxes, such as GST, where applicable. A reference to the fact that taxes are included, where applicable, appears prominently on all sales pages and shopping carts.

For example, if you reside in Australia, GST applies to, and is included in the price of all transactions including playmeo subscriptions, shop purchases, etc.

If you live outside of Australia, GST does not apply to you, and is not included in the price or fees displayed.

What is your ABN?

playmeo Pty Ltd ABN is 53 155 715 656

Language translation isn’t working

Some users have reported that the multi-language translation function (top left of tool bar) does not work for them. In almost all cases, the best solution is to use a different internet browser.

I need help. How do I contact you?

If your question has not been answered somewhere in our FAQs, then please write to us at hello [at] playmeo [dot] com or contact us via our online form.

Language translation does not make sense

With users from 130+ countries around the world, it would be impossible to offer a perfect translation of playmeo’s resources in the native language of all of our subscribers. playmeo utilises a language translation module which produces software-generated translated text from the English (UK) source.

While the software gets better and better every year, we acknowledge that the translation is not perfect, and it is certainly not ‘conversational.’ However, we also know that most people prefer to have access to a translation that is 75% correct, rather than have no translation at all. Thanks for your patience as the technology catches up.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Login to your account, navigate to My Account > Subscription tab, and click the Cancel button. If you’re a Monthly subscriber, your recurring charges will cease immediately, but you can continue to enjoy browsing playmeo’s premium resources until your month expires.