Back Four people moving about an area with one person saying Stop as part of energiser Walk & Stop
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Walk & Stop

Active game to inspire good listening & reflex skills.

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  • Simple, but not easy
  • Develops communication
  • Sharpens listening skills
  • Focus on integrity
  • No props


Mark Collard

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How To Play Narrative

Practical Leadership Tips

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Useful Framing Ideas

Reflection Tips & Strategies


User Reviews, Comments & Ideas (3)
5.00 avg. rating (89% score) - 1 vote

  1. rajeshramkumar

    Mark, I tried this, this is an excellent activity , especially as an ‘in betweener’… would need a PA system though for a larger group….

  2. Sean

    This is such an awesome session particularly for concentration and the importance of decision making in sport.

  3. David Piang-Nee

    great activity to look in the light of assumption of knowledge and relearning new skills or environments and playing with meanings.. When meanings are changed or we enter a new environment or learn a new skill, it takes time to adjust and this activity can demonstrate this quite well. lots of fun and super confusing as you add more layers..

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