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Two people playing Chopsticks maths game

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Fun partner game involving strategy & competition.

Texas Big Foot

Humorous low-key circle activity for large groups.

Blind Maze

Team-based problem-solving exercise for small groups.

Phones & Faxes

Fun group initiative to explore the skill of multitasking.


Super-fun large group activity ideal for wide open spaces.

Blind Polygon

Classic group initiative to sharpen communication skills.


Fast-paced circle game involving fun sounds & movements.

Nerves of Steel

Thrilling & fast-paced game of stealth for small groups.

Up Nelson

Enthralling team-based guessing game for small groups.

Crossword Names

Engaging icebreaker to introduce name-knowing to groups.

Match & Out

Thrilling, fast-paced elimination game for large groups.

Culture Shock

Fascinating game to develop trust & empathy skills

Ally Oop

Simple, active & extremely fun group initiative.

Mrs O’Grady

Energetic & zany series of sequential stunts.


Very entertaining team-based charade-style game.

Two By Four

Intriguing team puzzle that is very tough to crack.

Breathe & Stretch

Guided group stretching exercise to relax & have fun.


Powerful trust-building initiative for partners & groups.

Count To Six

Simple yet extremely difficult active counting game.

One-Line Electric Fence

Extremely adaptable version of classic group initiative.

Freeze Action

Gentle interactive movement exercise to show leadership.


Medley of extremely fun, interactive balloon games.

Mirror Neurons

Exciting partner game that seeks commonality.

Active Intros

One of the most versatile & engaging large group energisers.