Three people demonstrating Match & Out gestures

Match & Out

Thrilling, fast-paced elimination game for large groups.

  • Simple set up
  • Sharpens observation skills
  • Game of chance
  • Ideal for large groups
  • No props

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Contributor Floyd Hinman

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  1. Floyd Hinman

    Zoom Alternative: Teach the players the movements and add that there are two positions, 1) standing, and 2) sitting. Have players go to gallery view. Have players identify and keep to themselves (maybe even write down the name of) another player who they want to “match” at the end of a seven minute game. Now, have players choose a player to watch for play. This can be the same player as their “match,” another player, or can change players between rounds. Start play, *pat pat, clap clap, tap tap, ‘Throw’* If the movement you are displaying is the same as the person you were watching you will switch positions (from standing to sitting or sitting to standing) and then be ready to and continue to play the next rounds. At the end of seven minutes worth of rounds, look to the person you were trying to “match.” If your position (standing or sitting) matches that person, you can award yourself five self esteem points. if your position does not match, you can award yourself five self esteem points! way to go!

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