Struck or Stuck?

Need a really simple reflection question?

Try this quick, easy and surprisingly insightful technique that will invite reflection at the end of your group’s learning experience.

Gather your group and simply announce “STRUCK or STUCK?”

This short this-or-that type question is simply inviting your group to consider something about their experience that sticks out in their mind (ie they were struck by something about it) or they are left with a thought that is impeding their progress (ie there is something that they are not clear about.)

A Quick Example

To illustrate, someone could be struck at how fast the time appeared to fly during the program because it sits outside of what they expected. Whereas, another person may be stuck trying to apply what they have learned to their real-world situation, and needs some help.

Struck? Stuck?

I love it.

I picked this up as part of an online course I’m doing at the moment, and yes, you’re right, this is one of the things that I was struck by 🙂

Give it a whirl and tell me how it goes (in the Comments below…)


Comments (1)

  1. dunnie06

    I really like this! We tend to get stuck when we need help and when the light bulb goes off when we connect the dots during a program.
    I have used the phrase what struck you, now I will be using the framing of this activity. Thank you!

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