Struck or stuck emotion of baby

Struck or Stuck?

Need a really simple reflection question? Try this quick, easy and surprisingly insightful technique that will invite reflection at the end of your group’s learning…

Debriefing Skills video tutorial video thumbnail

Reflection & Debriefing Skills – Four Part Tutorial

Four of the most popular episodes of our recent Facilitator Tips video tutorial series were dedicated to the Why, What, When and How of reflection…

Woman learning by doing back-flip. Credit Persnickety Prints

Experiential Learning is Not Learning by Doing

This week’s Facilitator Tips episode explores the distinction between the methodology of experiential learning and the learning style of learning by doing. In my early…

Surfer flipping off board trying to learn from experience. Credit Debora Cardenas

The Only Way to Learn from Experience…

Seth Godin wrote in a recent blog post that ‘…the only way to learn from experience is to have different experiences.’ This same notion could be…

Men learning how to debrief. Credit Phil Coffman

How To Run an Effective Debrief

This week’s Facilitator Tips episode focuses on one of the most powerful tools of an experiential educator – the debrief, or as it often preferred to…

Man reflecting on his own with group. Photo Clem Onojeghuo

Reflecting as an Individual

A question came in this week from a playmeo member: What activities or exercises can I deliver that will give each person the experience of…

Ask Powerful Questions Openness element, as seen in WiLL WiSE's new book

Asking Powerful Questions

What if powerful questions came to you easily in the moment during your debriefs or reflection times? Will Wise and Chad Littlefield have facilitated workshops,…

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