Reflecting as an Individual

A question came in this week from a playmeo member:

What activities or exercises can I deliver that will give each person the experience of reflecting whilst remaining seated.


Here’s my response:

You ask an interesting question. To be clear, you are looking for something for people to reflect on their own, without interacting with others?

At first glance, this sounds kinda odd.

Personally, I’d double-down on persuading your client (whom you mention does not want to do any ‘group work’) to consider some small group experiences. No matter their occupation, belief systems or creed, people are hard-wired to need to connect with others. End of story. Some do it more easily than others, but we all need it. And certainly, the process of reflection will be more powerful if you can interact with others.

That said, my #1 go-to for instances of this nature is journalling. The process of thinking and then writing down one’s thoughts can be very powerful, if nothing else, useful in putting these thoughts into existence.

Otherwise, and I’m not an expert in this area, but I would recommend some form of guided meditation in which the participants can be asked to reflect.

Hopefully, there’s some value in what I have shared.

Good luck…


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