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Leadership Tips

Hands raised in air as part of Have You Ever variation

Have You Ever? Variation

This Have You Ever variation is shared by my good friend Jim Schoel, long time Project Adventure colleague and author of Islands of Healing, Exploring Islands…

Adults in climbing helmets suggesting can you choose freely

Can You Really Choose Freely?

In my regular trainings and visits to hundreds of facilities all over the world, one of the most common misunderstandings I come across is the…

iPad beaming with latest debrief technique

Powerful Debriefing Tip

This idea was shared by Jim Doherty on Edutopia (a post I shared some months back): When a student responds to a question you have posed,…

Three women laughing to demonstrate take your time and laugh

Take Your Time & Laugh

I love working in front of big groups. I mean, really BIG groups, such as 100, 200 and up to 500 people, often times seated…

Group of people not a team-building program

This Is Not A Team-Building Program

A colleague, Jeffrey ‘Goose’ Gosnell, reported last week that he has chosen to stop using the term ‘team-building’ when speaking with prospective clients at his…

More play with two girls playing with balloons

More Play, Less School

Here’s a MUST READ ESSAY from Dr Peter Gray, professor of psychology at Boston College, which implores educational systems around the world to introduce more…

Complex chart showing unexpected results

The Future Is Diverse & Unexpected

Here’s a terrific TEDx Talk by Frans Johansson, which will inspire you to look at how two apparently unrelated things, can create totally unexpected results….

Good job sign as discussed re inverse power of praise

The Inverse Power of Praise

Take a look at this New York Magazine article, passed onto me by James Bennett, which discusses the surprising results of some recent research which…

Toddler inspecting lawn to rrflect strategies that inspire curiosity. Photo credit: Jordan Whitt

5 Learning Strategies That Inspire Curiosity

Stumbled across this post from Terry Heick, a US-based educator focused on social improvement through learning innovation, and Director of Curriculum, TeachThought. He argues, these…

Little boy telling stories. Photo credit: Aaron Burden

Tell Me A Story

As a kid, I loved listening to stories, especially those read to me at bed-time by my parents. Today, as a parent myself, I love…

Fork in the road, choosing is an attitude

Choosing Is An Attitude

More and more I have come to the conclusion that one of the most powerful attributes of success for an individual or a group is…

Fun is the magnet to get kids active & fit

Fun Is The Magnet To Keep Kids Fit

You can never have enough fun games, and I mean FUN games, up your sleeve to encourage young people (indeed, all people) to be and…

Young child playing in woods marking healthy human development. Photo credit: Janko Ferlic

Play is Essential to Human Development

Adding to my post a few days ago, I offer this further understanding of the benefits of integrating ‘play’ into your curriculum. Extensive research has…

Neon sign displaying definition of play. Photo credit: Clem Onojeghuo

A Definition of Play

I make a very simple request at the start of all of my professional development & training workshops – I invite my group to play….

Poor team-building ideas, group at table. Credit rawpixel

Two Unlikely Team-Building Ideas

Here are two poor team-building ideas that get under my skin when a client is making decisions in regards to their forthcoming team retreat or…

Group photo of new ways to connect. Credit Omar Lopez

60 Ways To Connect With Your Students

Stumbled across this post from Jeff Delp (with thanks to Adam Clark) who challenges teachers, educators, leaders, etc, to find new ways to connect with…

Road sign reflecting team puzzle metaphors. Credit Jonathan Farber

Team Puzzle Metaphors

If you use puzzles as part of your adventure-based programs, have you considered integrating team puzzle metaphors around the activity? Metaphors are brilliant teaching tools, because…