10 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Online Meetings Need Help

A fellow facilitator, Jacinta Cubis, has just finished an e-book about the top tell-tale signs that your online meetings need help and – importantly – how to fix them.

It’s called HUM and is full of practical and easy-to-use tips and tricks to get online meetings and workshops humming.

Jacinta highlights a few of the tell-tale signs that online meetings may be in need of a service, for example:

  • Everyone talks over each another
  • People talk for too long
  • Frustrated with unfamiliarity with online meeting platforms
  • We feel drained afterwards
  • We feel rushed and want more time to explore discussion points
  • Don’t enjoy looking up people’s nostrils.


Maybe your online meetings need help with these issues, too?

Some problems are easier to fix than others. Jacinta’s book HUM does just that and I thought you might find it useful.

One of playmeo’s most useful interactive exercises called ID Numbers is referenced in the book as a way to solve one of the problems.

HUM ebook by Jacinta Cubis

You can download HUM here.


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