People Who Care To Do Work That Matters

I have come to realise that one of the most powerful attributes that attracts me to others is not their looks, their income, their job or even their beliefs. It is how much they care.

And specifically, within a professional context, when this care is mixed with a laser-precision focus to do work that matters, I am like a moth to a bright light – I am compelled to fall within its orbit.

You may have heard of the saying, “A student does not care how much their teacher knows until they know how much they care.” This is true in most endeavours, I believe.


Doing Work That Matters


Doing work that matters is, to borrow a phrase from Seth Godin, the emotional labour of being human. When so much of our world today centres around digital connections, it’s refreshing to work alongside those who still turn up and offer their humanity to make a difference to others.

I have been fortunate in my 30+ year career to work alongside a lot of people who do work that matters. Today, at the risk of overlooking some colleagues, I want to acknowledge the following good people and organisations and urge you to reach out to them if what they are doing interests you.


It’s A Choice


Doing work that matters is a choice. I celebrate the folks below because they choose to help others get connected, be productive and feel successful.

High 5 Adventure Learning Center

High 5 build challenge courses, deliver facilitator training programs and sell books & resources. These services are not particularly unique, but what matters is how they do it. High 5 has assembled an outstanding group of professionals with big hearts who are passionate about using adventure-based learning programs to build & strengthen communities, especially in the north-east of USA.

We and Me!

Led by Chad Littlefield and Will Wise, these guys are super-passionate about creating conversations that matter. They facilitate groups and large gatherings and produce and sell a handful of unique kits and props to equip other leaders to empower their groups to engage with each another more powerfully. Their energy is infectious, their heart is as big as Texas, and care deeply about every interaction they have with groups. They lead by example.

Dr Amy Climer

A gifted experiential educator whose orbit I have only recently drifted into. Amy is all about building a culture of creativity and success through highly engaging, interactive programs. Amy can bring out the amazing in your group and help you create a more innovative workplace or classroom. You can listen to Amy in her regular podcast called The Deliberate Creative.

Nate Folan

Another super-gifted facilitator who quickly established a reputation for delivering dynamic learning experiences. Like me, Nate believes that playful moments, authentic relationships and a growth mindset enrich our enjoyment and efficacy as humans. He is especially good at listening intently to the wants and needs of his groups. The emotional labour of empathy and listening matter and make Nate super busy.

With thanks.


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