nate folan

Watering plants doing work that matters. Credit Markus Spiske

People Who Care To Do Work That Matters

I have come to realise that one of the most powerful attributes that attracts me to others is not their looks, their income, their job…

Mark Collard playing Your Add group activity as part of professional development workshop with ACA conference 2017

Serious Fun: Professional Development Workshop 25 May 2017

Ideal for Camp Leaders & Outdoor/Experiential Educators LaTrobe Uni (Bendigo) – Thu 25 May 2017 (8:30am – 4:30pm) xx Experiential trainers and best-selling authors, Mark…

Mark Collard presenting a keynote facilitator training workshop in China

Facilitator Training Workshops (USA)

Experiential trainers and best-selling authors, Mark Collard and Nate Folan, are visiting New Hampshire & Massachusetts in October 2016 to deliver a one-day facilitator training workshop…

Man holding light globe in hands as emergent value. Photo credit: Riccardo Annandale

Playful Learning, Emergent Value

Talented facilitator, Nate Folan, will be presenting a full-day Playful Learning, Emergent Value workshop near Austin TX USA on Mon 1 February 2016. Spaces still…

Man holding compass serving as gps. Photo credit: Jamie Street

GPS – A New Goal Setting Tool

It’s the new year, and perhaps you’ve chosen to set some new goals or resolutions. But, do you have a plan for how you’ll actually…

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