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GPS – A New Goal Setting Tool

It’s the new year, and perhaps you’ve chosen to set some new goals or resolutions. But, do you have a plan for how you’ll actually achieve your goals?

Below is a simple, new goal-setting tool from The Hundredth Monkey – Nate Folan’s new activity book – to help you navigate your year.

Inspired by the concept of a GPS, it empowers you to set a goal, track your progress, and check-in if you get lost or need to start anew. Even more, it encourages you to determine a plan for success and invite the support you may desire or need.

Simply, the GPS (Goal, Plan, Support) is a mnemonic device that helps you move towards your goal in three simple steps:

1. GOAL – Record your goal.
– Write, draw, collage, or sing your goal or intention. Be specific.

2. PLAN – Develop a plan.
– What is the timeframe for your goal to be accomplished?
– What action steps will you take to accomplish your goal?
– How will you measure and track your progress towards your goal?
– How often will you assess your progress?

3. SUPPORT – Invite the support you desire or need.
– What resources are available to you?
– Who can support you in achieving your goal and how?
– What support can you offer yourself?

Okay. Now, in the words of Seth Godin, go make something happen!

Taken from Nate Folan’s adventure programming blog.


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