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Activities That Inspire Playful Learning

A collection of 100+ new group activities which can be used as wonderful tools to invite groups to play, share, trust and learn.


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The Hundredth Monkey is a resourceful collection of more than 100 new and adapted activities accompanied by many variations. It is designed for a wide range of practitioners in a variety of educational and recreational settings.

With a fresh look into Project Adventure’s foundational concepts, multiple framing and debriefing ideas and special sequencing chapter, there is plenty here to inspire anyone who hopes to advance the human condition. Every activity comes with step-by-step instructions, leadership tips and many practical strategies for reflection and discussion.

If you wish to empower people to play, laugh, connect, learn, reflect, grow, heal, achieve, perform and live fully, this activity guide is for you.

The Hundredth Monkey is an inspirational and practical offering to those who hope to spread the joy of adventure and the boundless potential for learning and growth.

As an added bonus, the author has contributed many activities from this book to playmeo’s activity database (refer to the Featured Activities tab below.)

Written by Nate Folan & friends in 2012 (316 pages.)

ISBN 978 0934 3879 03

Featured Activities

Super Smile

Active circle game to generate lots of smiles & laughter.

Lean Walk

Dynamic trust-building exercise for partners.

Jump In Jump Out

Contagiously fun energiser game for large groups.

  • Jeff Frigon headshot for testimonial

    This book does a fantastic job of presenting activities in a format that is easy for both veteran & novice adventure facilitators.

    Jeff, youth trainer, USA

  • Daryl Essensa headshot for testimonial

    I absolutely love it. It's like having a personal adventure facilitation coach on your bookshelf.

    Daryl, university lecturer, USA

  • Tim McGowan headshot for testimonial

    A great book, it will help you stretch your comfort zone & provide a safe learning environment to grow & develop.

    Tim, school counsellor, USA

  • Mark Collard headshot for testimonial

    I love that Nate has compiled a wonderful collection of activity ideas that are almost all new, never been published before.

    Mark, trainer & author, Australia