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A Social-Emotional Learning Community

This book will give you and your students the tools to create a safe and affirming culture and climate and to build resiliency and peace in your classrooms, homes and community. You’ll learn hundreds of simple and fun experiential activities that teach these key concepts.


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The Full Value School: A Social-Emotional Learning Community is a book for educators, parents, clinicians, and consultants. It contains information on why the program is important, why it works and hundreds of fun, experiential activities to teach key concepts.

The Full Value School provides the tools for children, and all iterations of educator, to create a safe and affirming culture and climate, and to build resiliency and peace in their classrooms, homes, and community.  It empowers children to have an influential voice that is valued by their peers, employing a simple group processing framework to facilitate respectful dialogue, the appropriate sharing of feelings, and positive problem-solving.

These same tools can be used by parents, therapists, and consultants. They are easily transferable.

In our work with children and adults, we find a deep yearning for living a Full Value life with norms that are developed together, rather than imposed. These norms must be universal, teachable, comprehensive, easy to understand, sustainable and inspirational. To create a positive social-emotional community, children must be full participants, not passive observers.

Written Richard Maizell, Jim Schoel & John Grund in 2020 (316 pages.)

ISBN 978-0-5784-8079-4

Featured Activities


Super-fun large group activity ideal for wide open spaces.

Accepting Yourself

Simple yet powerful self-reflection tool for groups.

Luminaria Circle

Wonderfully imaginative & reflective exercise for the dark.

  • Kelly headshot for testimonial

    This book has made my class-room a truly safe & engaging learning environment for all.

    Kelly, teacher, USA

  • Jodi headshot for testimonial

    It's crystal clear that our planet would be a better place if we could all live by the simple, yet powerful tenets of Full Value.

    Jodi, principal, USA

  • Mark headshot for testimonial

    I have found Full Value to be essential in establishing a sense of community in our school.

    Mark, principal, USA

  • Terry headshot for testimonial

    My students can learn, thrive & gain skills to become a valuable community member inside & outside of the classroom.

    Terry, 5th-grade teacher, USA

  • James headshot for testimonial

    This is an essential guidepost for supporting student success & creating lifelong learners.

    James, school superintendent, USA

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