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Two Best-Selling Activity Books in One Exclusive Package

Hundreds of interactive, universally appealing and proven group activities, ideal for schools, corporates, youth groups and experiential education programs. If you use group games & activities to help people have fun and connect with one another, this package is for you.


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  • Are you looking for 100s of FUN, interactive and easy-to-use activities?
  • Do you want lots of activity ideas that don’t use any equipment?
  • Do you often work with 30, 50 or 100’s of people at one time?
  • Would you like to hone your program leadership skills?

If this sounds like you, this exclusive bundle has what you need.

No Props No Problem: 150+ Outrageously Fun Group Games using No Equipment and Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work are two of the most popular ‘go-to’ activity books for teachers, corporate trainers and group facilitators.

Written by Mark Collard, one of Australia’s most respected and experienced facilitators, these two books will give you a veritable treasure chest of awesome programming ideas that develop trust, communication and team skills.

Here’s What You Get
  • 300+ ice-breakers, energisers, get-to-know-you games & team-building activities (each one accompanied with at least one variation) that have been used successfully with groups all over the world;
  • Ideal for school curriculum and training programs that aim to develop trust, communication, leadership, cooperation and team skills;
  • More than two-thirds of the activities require no equipment whatsoever, and appeal to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities;
  • Illustrations accompany almost every activity to help you capture their essence and help you easily ‘see’ the activity to recreate its magic;
  • Literally dozens of fun, innovative ways to split your large group into smaller groups;
  • Five proven strategies for developing a fun learning environment in which everyone feels safe and supported and fosters surprising levels of participation;
  • Really useful and practical tips which will help you become an outstanding group facilitator, and have your group eating out of your hands; and
  • Dozens of essential leadership tips for working effectively with large groups that will help you create a fun learning environment & foster surprising participation.

With no fluff, no fillers, No Props No Problem offers you just the best ideas, activities and program design advice you need to know, and can apply quickly and easily to your group because you don’t need any equipment to play any of them. And every activity comes with a unique QR code which connects directly with playmeo’s activity database so it comes alive.

Meanwhile, Count Me In is just the trick to keep 30, 50 or even hundreds of people occupied, having fun and keeping active all at the same time.

Save money, when you purchase No Props & Count Me In together.

No Props No Problem written by Mark Collard in 2018 (272 pages.)

Count Me In written by Mark Collard in 2008 (260 pages.)

  • Brad headshot testimonial

    Tons of brilliant activities. Another great tool to have in my kit-bag. Couldn’t be happier.

    Brad, corporate trainer, Australia

  • Barb headshot for testimonial

    I love your books. I've had endless, glowing feedback from my colleagues about the ice-breakers & warm-up activities.

    Barb, teacher, USA

  • Clint Miller headshot for testimonial

    It was amazing to put your books into practice - the improvement in my facilitation with groups was really evident.

    Clint, camp leader, Australia

  • Judith headshot for testimonial

    Great resource for team-building in physical education classes.

    Judith, pe teacher, Australia

  • Peter headshot for testimonial

    Thanks for writing your books - they 've been an inspiration to me trying to engage very negative & entrenched behaviours.

    Peter, corporate trainer, Australia

  • Headshot of Karl Rohnke tribute author of Silver Bullets, playmeo contributor

    All of Mark’s books have a ton of activity ideas which will help you achieve the most with little. Take a look, you’ll be pleased you did.

    Karl, adventure programming guru, USA

  • Michael headshot for testimonial

    Mark has really captured a truck-load of wisdom & placed it into this great resource that should be in every facilitator’s tool-kit.

    Michael, training consultant, Canada

  • Chad Littlefield headshot

    Such incredible, practical books. Ideal for anybody wanting to engage groups at meetings, trainings & other team events.

    Chad, group facilitator, USA

  • Pat headshot for testimonial

    I now have so many games up my sleeve, I can whip them out at any time. Thank you.

    Pat, outdoor educator, Singapore

  • Paul Baker headshot for testimonial

    The activities invite everybody to participate at their own level, without feeling foolish, even if you do something wrong.

    Paul, camp leader, Australia

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