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Inspire Interaction & Authentic Conversations

This multi-functional bundle features two of We and Me’s best-selling interactive resources – We Engage Cards + We Connect Cards.



This bundle features two of We and Me’s best-selling interactive resources – We Engage Cards + We Connect Cards.

  • We Connect Cards – a colourful set of 60 cards that feature a series of fun conversation-starter questions & actions. These cards are perfect for starting a program, training, or meeting. The questions have all been carefully crafted by over a dozen facilitation experts to be both unique and inclusive. This deck helps create real connections and relationships in a fun, engaging way.
  • We Engage Cards – 56 x inspiring, thought-provoking quotes on one side and a powerful photo on the other, with activities designed to increase group engagement. Ideal for inspiring authentic conversations, or making conversations in meetings more memorable through imagery. Or use them as a prop to help you make meetings, trainings, or classes more fun, productive, and efficient.

Together, this best-selling bundle will give you dozens of ways to invite your group to play, interact, share and build trust, all within a fun, non-threatening environment.

Created by We and Me!

Dimensions (We Connect) 78 x 78 x 37mm and (We Engage) 110 x 110 x 30mm.

Combined weight 410g.

  • Daniel headshot

    These cards have become an invaluable resource for me, an arrow in my quiver I frequently launch at the start of programs.

    Daniel, corporate trainer, Brazil

  • E Tyler headshot for testimonial

    If you want succinct, effective, quality materials that you’ll use time and again with real results, get these cards.

    E Tyler, teacher, Australia

  • Josh headshot for We Engage Cards testimonial

    I teach at a university & run a nonprofit. We use these cards ALL the time. As ice breakers to have fun, build connections, share, etc.

    Josh, university lecturer, USA

  • M Diettrich headshot for testimonial

    I have used We Engage cards in a variety of settings now & am always impressed with how well my groups respond & open up.

    M Diettrich, teacher, USA

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