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Handy Kit of Resources to Build Connections

Some of the most useful tools & resources created by the folks at We and Me! in one handy toolkit to help your group break the ice, remove communication barriers and build connections.


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This handy all-in-one toolkit pulls together some of the most useful and practical resources created by the folks at We and Me! to help you build connections.

At a glance, you get 2 x decks of durable cards, 2 x powerful books and access to 100s of training videos and written descriptions for tons of awesome connection activities.

Specifically, the Connection Toolkit includes:

These tools and resources are great for any professional development training or conference program to help you jump-start connections and break-down communication barriers. Together, you’ll have everything you need to invite your group to have fun, interact, share and build trust.

Sold separately, these resources are valued at more than USD$250.

The Connection Toolkit is perfect for teachers, corporate trainers, conference organisers and managers looking for a suite of fun resources they can use to break the ice and build team skills. You can view a short video to see the contents of the kit being used here.

Produced by We and Me! in 2019.

Dimensions 240 x 160 x 90mm, weight 800g.

  • Kim Goodwill headshot for testimonial

    Such excellent products & services. We are glad to continue partnering with you.

    Kim, non-profit ceo, USA

  • Mark Collard headshot for testimonial

    Valued at twice the price, this jam-packed kit of resources has really upped my facilitation game.

    Mark, experiential trainer, Australia