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60 Questions, 10+ Activities, Infinite Connections

Colourful set of 60 cards that feature a series of fun conversation-starter questions & actions.


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We Connect Cards are a colourful set of 60 palm-sized cards that feature conversation starter questions.

Each card is colour-coded by type of question:

  • Green cards have questions that are light and fun
  • Blue cards have questions that are a bit deeper
  • Purple cards have questions that encourage self-reflection

The back of each card also features a unique, fun action to perform if you choose. There is one pair of the same action for each colour, making the cards a perfect tool for grouping people up kinesthetically.

We Connect Cards are a perfect tool to start off a program, training, or meeting. The questions have all been carefully crafted by over a dozen facilitation experts to be both unique and inclusive. This deck helps create real connections and relationships in a fun, engaging way.

A link for 10+ activity video tutorials is included in the box.

Click the button below (free) to take a sneak peek at more fun ways to use your We Connect Cards.

How to Use We Connect Cards


Produced by We & Me! – the same people who created We Engage Cards.

Dimensions 77 x 77 x 38mm (weight 150g.)

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We Connect Cards

Set of question cards to inspire meaningful conversations.

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Fun trading game focused on ice-breaker questions.

  • Elizabeth headshot

    We. Love. These. Cards. We use them in almost every one of our programs to help new students get to know each other.

    Elizabeth, youth leader, Australia

  • Headshot of Chris, teacher, who loves using Ubuntu Cards

    These Cards will help you begin to see the incredible richness & depth of others.

    Chris, teacher, USA

  • Svetlana headshot, Russia

    These cards have saved the day during many 'washed-out' programs when we were forced inside. The kids love them.

    Svetlana, camp leader, Russia

  • Headshot of Spud, playmeo subscriber who wants meaningful connections

    We Connect Cards help me move past simple ice breakers & towards fostering meaningful connections & conversations.

    Spud, group facilitator, USA

  • Headshot of Rod Lee, says he loves watching activity training videos and connecting groups

    We! Connect Cards are an excellent resource for connecting groups at the beginning of any team-building program.

    Rod, corporate trainer, USA