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Our Biggest-Selling Prop

Innovative, multi-functional deck of cards that encourage groups to interact, find connections and have fun.


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UBUNTU cards invite connection through play while also offering metaphoric images to assist in reflection on learning. There are literally dozens of ways to use them for the purposes of inviting play, sharing and building connections.

UBUNTU is a Zulu word that means ‘I am because we are.’  The spirit of UBUNTU is about interconnectedness. Accordingly, the cards are a great tool for endless opportunities for group interaction and creative play.

The pack contains 54 cards, each featuring a unique, single object on one side and a series of eight smaller objects on the reverse.

A set of digital instructions will guide you through at least 13 different ways to use the cards to connect and reflect.

Click the button below (free) to take a sneak peek at more fun ways to use your UBUNTU Cards.

How to Use UBUNTU Cards


Introduced to the programming world in 2011, UBUNTU cards quickly became playmeo’s most popular, biggest-selling activity prop.

Proceeds from the sale of UBUNTU cards are donated to the Edge of Leadership Program (an initiative of High 5 Adventure Learning Center, the developer of the cards), based on the premise that everyone has the potential to be a leader.

Dimensions: 74 x 98 x 26mm (weight 135g.)

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Innovative tool that inspires valuable sharing & fun.

  • Nerida headshot

    I wore-out my first pack of UBUNTU cards in the first few weeks of school. I need to get three sets next time.

    Nerida, teacher, Hong Kong

  • Sharanya headshot for testimonial

    I wish I had these cards many years ago. It would have made our meetings so much more enjoyable.

    Sharanya, team leader, USA

  • Ben testimonial headshot

    I love your resources, especially the UBUNTU cards. I feel that I am better equipped for full-time teaching next year. Thanks.

    Ben, teacher, USA

  • Suki headshot for testimonial

    Our children ask to play UBUNTU cards all the time because they are so much fun. Thank you for every smile they bring.

    Suki, gym instructor, Japan

  • Georgia headshot for testimonial

    The way they make my groups mix & talk to each other is the best. I always carry them with me.

    Georgia, camp volunteer, USA

  • Mark Collard headshot for testimonial

    Quite simply, every group leader should have a pack of UBUNTUs in their pocket. So much fun, I wish I had thought to create them.

    Mark, group facilitator, Australia

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