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A Little About Me…

I'm an experiential trainer, keynote speaker & author of five best-selling books. As the founder and director of playmeo, I am passionate about building connections through play.

Mark Collard by Numbers

I am known as one of the highest qualified & most respected experiential trainers in the world.

Over the course of my 31-year career, I have delivered more than 2,000 program days and presentations in which I have helped 100,000+ people have fun and connect meaningfully with others in 11 countries around the world (translated in four languages.)

I am the best-selling author of five books and leverage a massive repertoire of 800+ fun group games and activities to exceed my client's goals. I have worn out three rubber chickens in the process, have broken more 'ice' in groups than a pick-axe and have spent five months of my life in an aeroplane crisscrossing the globe to meet my groups.

As the founder & director of playmeo, our massive online portal of resources help more than 60,000+ leaders every month make a difference to the groups they work with.


Connection Before Content

I believe that group games and activities are one of the most powerful (and attractive) ways to help people connect. Why is connection so critical? Because the research clearly shows that strong, trusting & healthy relationships amplify the results of whatever you're trying to get done (in your class, training room, conference, camp, etc.)

You see, in my travels all over the world, working with thousands of people in many different countries, I have discovered three core program design & leadership issues.

  • If there's no fun, people find it hard to engage; 
  • If there's not trust, people pull back from participating; and importantly
  • If there's no challenge, people are left with boredom and routine.


In 2012, acknowledging the leverage of the internet to access experiential educators all over the world, I founded an innovative online platform called playmeo. You can learn more about the playmeo story here.

playmeo is best known for having created and hosting the largest online database of group games & activities in the world.

Professionally, I'm a highly sought after trainer on the national and international circuit, and also a fun and super-passionate keynote speaker, voice-over artist and Master of Ceremonies.

I bring a natural warmth and energy into everything I deliver. My fun and vibrant approach not only makes people feel at home but also assists them to learn more from their experience.

On a personal note, I've been struck by lightning twice, have found five four-leafed clovers (so far,) and my eyes disappear when I laugh.

I live with my beautiful wife and son in Melbourne, Australia, and count my time travelling and making a difference to hundreds of groups all over the world as some of the most rewarding and funnest times of my life.

You can learn more about me here and my professional website.



Best-Selling Publications

I have written five adventure programming books, three of which are still in print.

  • No Props No Problem: 150+ Outrageously Fun Group Activities using No Equipment
  • Count Me In: Large Group Games That Work
  • Serious Fun: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Leading Remarkably Fun Programs That Make a Difference

A significant number of the activities featured in playmeo's activity database are sourced from these three books.

Mark's Latest Published Activities

Hand with five finger contract letters

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Five Finger Contract

Very simple & handy way to discuss behavioural norms.

Illustration of bag of money for Bank Robbery

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Bank Robbery

Fun mystery designed to be solved by large groups.

Four cards with instructions for Culture Shock problem-solving activity

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Culture Shock

Fascinating game to develop trust & empathy skills

Two people passing an object as part of A What? game

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A What?

Outrageously fun & deceptively simple circle passing game.