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Watering plants doing work that matters. Credit Markus Spiske

People Who Care To Do Work That Matters

I have come to realise that one of the most powerful attributes that attracts me to others is not their looks, their income, their job…

Choice to connect with two conference delegates. Credit Product School

Giving People A Choice To Connect

Colleague and expert group facilitator Chad Littlefield shared a video recently in which he presented the idea that we need to give people the choice…

Pen writing four powerful questions on notepad. Credit Aaron Burden

Four Powerful Debrief Questions in Four or Less Words

Good friend and equally talented facilitator Chad Littlefield posted a wonderful article recently in which he shared four powerful questions made up of four words…

Ask Powerful Questions Openness element, as seen in WiLL WiSE's new book

Asking Powerful Questions

What if powerful questions came to you easily in the moment during your debriefs or reflection times? Will Wise and Chad Littlefield have facilitated workshops,…

New We Connect Cards

New We Connect Cards

Looking for a cool, simple prop that is fun to use and promotes interaction and stretching? Take a look at the new We Connect Cards, developed…