Four Powerful Debrief Questions in Four or Less Words

Good friend and equally talented facilitator Chad Littlefield posted a wonderful article recently in which he shared four powerful questions made up of four words or less.

Thanks for sharing, Chad…

Recently, I gave an interactive keynote in Cartagena, Colombia for the Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit. This amazing group from 35+ countries helped me re-learn a lesson I had forgotten – sometimes, the best questions you can possibly ask are also the simplest questions.

Here are four of my favourite questions, which are all under 4 words:

1. What struck you?

This question is perhaps my favourite “debrief” question as it is totally flexible. And it allows both “thinkers” and “feelers” to answer the question after a meeting, experience, presentation, conference, etc. You can customize it easily by adding a few words to the end: what struck you about … your interview? That conversation? This idea? Etc.

2. How might we?

Famously used in design thinking circles, this question can also be very useful to open up an idea-generating dialogue. One where possibility is at the forefront of doubts and negativity float to the back.

3. What else?

One of my mentors who is an extremely skilled counselling psychologist gave me this question. It’s so open and offers a quick way to peel a layer off the onion so to speak. It can be used at the end of nearly every point in a conversation…although you probably wouldn’t want to do that.

4. What brings you joy?

Each one of these questions could have an article of their own as there is so much to unpack. But I want to share a story that came from what is currently my partner Will Wise’s favourite question: What brings you joy?

Click play below to view a short video in which Chad introduces each of these questions to you.



Questions are like keys that unlock the lifetime of un-Googleable experience we walk around with each day. Asking powerful questions opens a window into these life experiences, commonalities, differences, and possible contributions or collaborations that we each carry in our minds.

So, what are your favourite questions?

Please leave a comment below…


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