Student-Driven Learning That Works

To usher in the new year, I’m excited to share a short (3 minute) video with you that features a unique school in Australia that has integrated a unique student-driven learning approach across its full curriculum.

Central to the story shared in this video is the notion that this school has found great success in recognising three “teachers” – the teacher, the student and the environment in which they find themselves engaged in their learning.

Click play below to learn more about these three ‘environments.’



This is very much a student-driven or focused approach to education, inspired experiential learning and Reggio Emilia learning philosophies.


What Is Student-Driven Learning?


At its core, the Reggio Emilia philosophy believes that learning is nothing without fun. Further, it believes that every child is born with 100 languages – for example, music, drama, writing, construction, etc – and any one of them can be used to help the student express themselves. It makes learning joyful and respects the unique qualities and abilities of every student.

Watching this video was certainly inspiring, but I think my greatest take-aways were some of the ideas shared within it.

In the context of asking what is school for, this school – Wooranna Park Primary School – makes a powerful argument for embracing the technologies of experiential learning, fun and play because it helps students want to learn and provides them with ample opportunities to explore what they are capable of achieving.

With thanks to Edutopia for first posting this story.


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